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Les Miserables -

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katch Wed 20-Aug-08 20:18:14

Is it suitable for younger kids? My 13 y/o wants to go, but I also have a 10 y/o and a 7 y/o. Would hate to find it's too strong/ violent etc.

Whizzz Wed 20-Aug-08 20:20:46

oh it's wonderful.....I think they would be OK. There's a gunshot which nearly made me fall off my seat - the music is amazing though

falcon Wed 20-Aug-08 21:14:46

Could you get the concert version on dvd and watch that first to see if you're happy with them seeing it in the theatre?

themes,prostitution,theft,suicide,war,murder,mistreatment of children etc I probably make it sound worse than it is, but some of the lyrics are a little risque though may go over the head of most children.

Twinklemegan Wed 20-Aug-08 21:20:15

I wouldn't have any qualms about the content. The only thing is that your youngest might find it a bit long. But then the time flies by - it's a terrific show. I've seen it about 5 times I think (including the concert version at the Albert Hall).

falcon Wed 20-Aug-08 21:25:00

My post should say there are strong themes including prostitution etc I accidentally deleted that part.blush

nannyL Wed 20-Aug-08 22:42:34

I think it would be ok... but oky just for a 7 year old

that gunshot made me jump too smile

apart from 'master of the house' theres isnt really any bad language in most of the other songs

i LOVE Les Mis. and have been listening to it in the car today

katch Wed 20-Aug-08 22:49:39

Thanks so much for all advice - sorry had to disappear.

I suppose they've come across all of those themes on telly, but I suppose the effects are somehow more keenly felt in a 'live' situation.

Falcon's idea re. watching dvd is a good idea - but am convincing myself it'll be ok.

jalopy Thu 21-Aug-08 09:43:06

It's fantastic but very long. 7 yr old might find it a trial to get through.

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