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sleep problems in 2 year old

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azza Wed 16-Feb-05 15:37:19

Can anyone help me. my dd is just two and sleeps probably 2 out of 7 nights. most nights she is awake on and off for about 3 hours.

we'e tried controlled crying but it doesnt seem to work with her

mummylonglegs Wed 16-Feb-05 15:59:34

Any more details, azza? Does she go to sleep on her own ok? Does she still nap in the day? What happens when she wakes and what do you do? What are her night time sleeping hours?

azza Wed 16-Feb-05 16:34:51

hi mummylonglegs

basically she goes to bed every night at 8pm without hassle and usually seems very tired. she wakes up at all different times in the night with no obvious pattern that i can see.

i go in settle her down, give her her dummy, reassure her then leave the room. She usually starts screaming the minute i close the door and will carry on for hours. i usually go back in every 20 mins or so and settle her down again.
any suggestions?

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