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Any Aussie mums out there?

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TROUBLE1 Wed 16-Feb-05 13:38:59

Hi, just wanted to know if there are aussie mums around? I relocated to London from Sydney after meeting my English DH. Have a 9 month DS and would like to meet some other mums in london as I'm here for the long haul. Most of my Aussie friends that were here moved back to OZ years ago and sometimes I feel like I'm losing touch with my roots! I would really like my DS to have some Aussie influence in his life.

I feel like I'm relying on my daily dose of Neighbours to help me remember my origins! Also having a huge craving for lamingtons (not sure if I've spelt it correctly ), does anyone have a good recipe?

We are travelling to OZ when DS will be 14 months, would love to hear any good tips!

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