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Has anyone got 2 sharing a TINY bedroom? Esp. a girl & boy....

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KnockOffNorbert Mon 18-Aug-08 16:11:27

Just been thinking about DSs bedroom, he's only really moved in there recently (he's 2.5) but I didn't want to wait as long with baby (depends really on them though I guess). The bedroom (after we get a cupboard knocked out) must only be about 8'6" x 8'6", possibly a tiny bit more. Would 2 fit OK in there? We have a 3rd bedroom, but it's downstairs next to the front door so I don't want to use it. Could a boy and girl share such a tiny room? Until what age do you think? When we bought this house we thought we'd move before we had no.2, but it's pretty out of the question at the moment. Does anyone else have a tiny tiny room for 2? THanks

3kids1cat Mon 18-Aug-08 16:17:13

Yes unfortunately, I have a 7yo boy and 5yo girl sharing a very small room. it's not ideal but we can't afford to move.

I think whilst they are as young as your dc's its fine, my two have loved sharing, but are starting to need more of their own space now.

It looks like we're going to have dd2 in our room till she's 3 at this rate too because we definately couldn't squeeze her in the box room aswell.

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