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Russell and Bromley shoe prob

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babyburp Wed 05-Feb-03 09:04:55

I bought a pair of 3 inch high shoes from R&B on Monday. Anyhow after "trying" to walk without wobbling on them, also they are sling back, and v v v v uncomfy. I had them fitted, etc but when I was home and walking around the bed room I could not take a single step as they are cripplingly sore. Now can I take them back. There is not a scuff on them, I just want to change them for another pair. As I need new shoes.

I was hoping to go to another store to save the embarassement of seeing the same saleswoman, but have just looked up their website and the nearest one is still the one I bought them in.

Anyhow those wiser ones of you, will be asking why I bought them in the first place. Well I just love them, I still do, they are just so sore and baby was screaming, SCREAMING the shop down as it was feed time. I just hurried out.

I may go there today. Sorry as this is a dull prob and not exciting at all. But it is ok to change them for another pair on the grounds of mega-discomfort?

I know you lot will all know!

prufrock Wed 05-Feb-03 09:10:25

Oh completely. You can change them just because you don't like them - I often used to change my mind. R&B are v. good about this - I once changed a pair of boots 3 times because I changed my mind about which colour would be best - finally ending up with the totally impractical but gorgeous zebra print (It was fashionable for at least 1/2 a season!)
They may not give you your money back, but will definately give an exchange.

aloha Wed 05-Feb-03 09:13:12

Legally you are on dodgy ground, but R&B do allow refunds/exchanges on any grounds so they'll be fine!

helenmc Fri 07-Feb-03 21:18:47

What happens if the shoes were fitted ?? I mean how much did they fit in the shop (thinking of being solf something that is not fit for the prupose intended lines here).

Chiccadum Fri 07-Feb-03 21:34:27

You are entitled to a full refund if the shoes are in their original packaging as it is within 7 days, after this it is up to the shops discretion whether to allow you either a full discount or an exchange.

aloha Fri 07-Feb-03 21:53:09

You can't ever legally demand a refund or exchange just because you changed your mind. But Russell & Bromley have a liberal exchange & refund policy IIRC.

I think uncomfy shoes are a difficult area legally. I suspect they wouldn't be regarded as unfit for their purpose under the sale of goods act. Mind you, I expect you've got new shoes before now. When I worked in a shop as a teenager we always refunded the awkward, noisy, stubborn customers but didn't for the nice, meek, friendly ones - let that be a lesson to us all!

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