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Wedding Rings do they have to match?????

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Dyzzidi Tue 15-Feb-05 15:47:41

Could any of you help me we are planning our wedding and have been looking at wedding rings our personal styles are very different so the big question is do they have to match.

We both want Gold but I would like diamonds and he hates anything like that.

PLEASE help this is becoming a pain!!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 15-Feb-05 15:48:19

Nah!!!!!!!!!! Ours don't match

clairabelle Tue 15-Feb-05 15:49:34

No ours don't mine's platinum with diamonds and dh's is gold.

Kelly1978 Tue 15-Feb-05 15:49:51

I don't see why they have to match. DP is indian and he insists that when we get married I should have a big diamond ring, cos this is common in their culture, and plain gold bands are just seen as boring for women. I'm not so sure myself!

Dyzzidi Tue 15-Feb-05 15:51:47

All my friends have matching ones but I do like the diamonds!!!

AndI'm figuring I should have what i like and so should my Partner!!!!

Twiglett Tue 15-Feb-05 15:53:00

you can have matching rings that work for both of you though

the same shaped band can be set with diamonds, or done plain

I think its nice when they do match slightly (but what do I know DH refused point blank to wear a ring at all)

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 15:54:31

They don't have to, but I think it's nice. DH and I have matching titanium wedding rings. I agree that it is possible to get a similar look without themn being identical.

Dyzzidi Tue 15-Feb-05 15:55:47

He has tried that one but I have put my foot down. My partner has hughe hands as his is 6 ft 7 and then little me at 5ft5 with tiny hands so all the ones he likes are too thick for me and the sets we have found don't do different widths!

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 15:56:37

Mine is 4mm wide and DH's is 8mm

Dyzzidi Tue 15-Feb-05 15:58:55

Do you happen to remeber which cahin of jewellers????

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 15-Feb-05 15:59:52

Not at all. Dh has a russian wedding ring and I have a white gold and gold mixture.

It's up to you, do whatever suits you IMO!

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 16:00:09

It wasn't from a chain. We got ours from an independent in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

FineFigureFio Tue 15-Feb-05 16:00:45

ours dont match. Mine is one of thoise weird shaped ones to go round my engagement ring anyway

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 16:02:02

My engagement ring is an odd shape too, but I just got our jeweller to cut a piece out of my wedding band and the 2 fit together perfectly.

jabberwocky Tue 15-Feb-05 16:04:08

Not at all. We the same engraving around (Celtic runes) but his is white gold, mine platinum and yellow gold with a diamond.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 16:04:24

Pages of shiny gorgeousness here...

Or here

Dazie Tue 15-Feb-05 16:07:26

My husbands ring is a plain white gold band and mine has seven Dimonds in. I dont think they have to match but I do think you need to be sure you like what you are wearing as its going to be on there for a long time!!!!!

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 16:08:57

The second link has a 'customize ring' option, which allows you to alter the width

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 15-Feb-05 16:08:57

The second link has a 'customize ring' option, which allows you to alter the width

lunavix Tue 15-Feb-05 16:09:23

We got ours from that gold place in Cornwall.

I wanted white gold, and dp who is a bit indifferent agreed, we found a lovely one each. His has a matching girls one, which isn't the one I got. His is thick, brushed gold with one diamond. Mine is very thin, brushed gold with diamonds all round.

THey don't match, but because of the colour and diamonds they seem similar.

Dyzzidi Tue 15-Feb-05 16:10:50

Thanks will check out those links later

Lowryn Tue 15-Feb-05 16:11:41

Ahhh, some of those rings are gorgeous. We bought our rings from one of the trillion of jewellers in Gibraltar. It is so ickle that you barely notice it. I wish I had made DH pay for a really swish one.

lilibet Tue 15-Feb-05 16:15:38

Not at all - we're getting married on Friday and our rings are completely different

Dyzzidi Tue 15-Feb-05 16:22:25

Congratulations and good luck for Friday!!!!!

Poshpaws Tue 15-Feb-05 16:23:44

Ours are the same precious metal (platinum) but not the same make/designer. Mine has a diamond, DH's is a plain band

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