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Flossam Mon 14-Feb-05 20:59:44

We have a lovely new powerful hoover, that we got just before DS was born to make sure our carpets are nice and clean. Last weekend a neighbour I don't really know came round and said 'I want to borrow your hoover'. I didn't really want to but couldn't lie and thought of the time when I had to borrow a hoover. So I took it round to her. She brought it back, fine. Next day, DP starts to hoover at the other side of our (quite large) flat and within a few minutes I can smell an awful smell. Yup, coming from the hoover. When we opened it up, the bag was soaking wet as was the inside of the hoover. I think it smells like really old skanky flower water. DP thinks it smells of sweat. Anyhow, it absolutely reaks. Hoping that a hoover freshener will help in the new bag we have put in, as the new bag in itself made no difference. Would you say anything? I'd really rather cross. Surely everyone knows you don't use a hoover to hoover wet things?

miam Mon 14-Feb-05 21:13:56

What a nerve! I'm flabbergasted that someone would just turn up and ask someone that they dont know well if they could borrow something. She sounds very forward (understatement of the year). And then to return it in that condition!!! You should say something, if only to stop her wanting to ruin more appliances in the future. (I wouldnt though - I'm much too wimpish but would seethe inwardly for months!)

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