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advice needed about video games

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mumtojames Wed 13-Aug-08 22:09:27

Hi, thinking of getting my ds a video game for 5th birthday. but i know nothing about it! thinking of playstation or xbox - whats the difference, would we be okay with a PS2? or do we need to get PS3, what about the xbox 360 any explanation helpful thanks

RealityGap Wed 13-Aug-08 22:18:53

I would suggest the Wii as Nintendo tend to cater better for kids with games. DH (games programmer) says he wouldn't get a xBox 360 for a child as the games are on the whole not terribly suitable. The PS2 might not be a bad option and there are a good few kids games on it - and it might be cheaper than the Wii if that is a concideration.

Our 5 year old loves the Wii and the DS which would be another good suggestion

mumtojames Thu 14-Aug-08 18:10:40

thanks for that info, really out of depth here!!! thinking of wii for xmas for all of us!!i thought i would see how he gets on ps/xbox. so i'll avoid xbox look more at ps2. thought about ds but worried about him dropping it and it breaking almost straight away!! also thought with ps2 if i get extra control brother could play too (6yrs). hes had a leapster and really likes it can you get educational games for ps2 too?
thanks again

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