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Calling Rickman

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flashingnose Mon 14-Feb-05 11:05:41

Are you still after curtains?

flashingnose Mon 14-Feb-05 11:16:35


charliecat Mon 14-Feb-05 11:17:35

shes on a thread abhout leed castle just now...its on active convos

charliecat Mon 14-Feb-05 11:18:18


rickman Mon 14-Feb-05 11:22:01

Message withdrawn

charliecat Mon 14-Feb-05 11:32:07

Id love to meet you except im in my jimjams and i dont drive Go anyway, even if you cant get anyone to join you, the kids will enjoy it! Take some bread for the fishes too

rickman Mon 14-Feb-05 11:34:20

Message withdrawn

charliecat Mon 14-Feb-05 11:35:57

Im a recluse and I only have 2..not because I dont cope...coz I cant be bothered....couldnt you promise the older ones a choccy treat in the car on the way home if they are super super good? Bribery works well with me...!

charliecat Mon 14-Feb-05 11:39:02

bumped our thread up, dont things go quickly now...about 10 mins and they fall off the end!

charliecat Mon 14-Feb-05 11:39:26

er that would be Your thread!

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