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Broadbridge Heath, nr Horsham - what's it like?

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youpeskykids Mon 11-Aug-08 21:11:53

Hi everyone - really sorry to bug you again, but we are thinking of moving to Broadbridge Heath in West Sussex. I have a new job based in Gatwick, currently live in Bromley, have DS1 4.5 and DS2 16months. We're moving house and trying to find a good location is a nightmare as we don't know anyone in this area, so we're relying on as much web research as possible!

We saw a house on Sat that ticks all our requirements as well as having a wow factor. I have posted this already earlier today, and had some great replies, but wondered whether any of you late birdies out there had an opinion too - good or bad. I don't want to make a costly mistake!!! We looking for semi rural but not out in the sticks, avoiding a town centre location, and generally a nice, family friendly location.


captainmummy Mon 11-Aug-08 22:05:59

Don't know much about Broadbridge heath but we are in Horley, which is about 2 miles from Gatwick. I guess Broadbridge is closer to Crawley than Horsham, os you might want to check it out there too. Broadbridge Heath is on the way to Horsham for me, - horsham is lovely.
We moved to Horley becuase it's a small town with good schools (well, primary schools anyway), pool, library etc. Got good links into london and down to the coast - and we are not under the flight path, which I think BH might actually be.
Not too much help, am I??

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