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Want advice on making cards&invitations???

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Slink Mon 14-Feb-05 08:51:05

Does anyone make a living out of this as i am creative and thought that maybe it is something i can get into, any advice please?? or cat me thank youx

Toothache Mon 14-Feb-05 09:32:48

Hi Slink - I went to a craft fair a few months before I got married. There was a woman there with a stall of her own cards. It was just a hobby of hers since she retired from Nursing. I saw one I absolutely LOVED so I asked if she could make it in bulk for my Wedding Invitations. She was amazed and agreed. 2 weeks later they were ready and were beautiful. She charged only £100 for 75 invitations and envelopes. I did the Inserts myself.

Everybody commented on how nice it was to see handmade invitations.

There is definitely a market for it. Wedding invitations are SOOOOO expensive and take ages to order etc. It was lovely to sit down with this woman and tell her exactly what I wanted. She even altered the colour scheme of the card to match my Wedding colours.

Hausfrau Mon 14-Feb-05 09:33:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slink Mon 14-Feb-05 11:45:06

Thanks H I AM ON MY WAY.............

Thankk you too toothach i am thinking about for my sister wedding as she has just been quoted a rediculas price..

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