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can anyone advise me on this and were to start (health and safety)

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anniebear Mon 11-Aug-08 12:48:28

We have a static caravn , the site owners own about 5 caravan parks and we can use the leisure facilities on the others for free

we go swimming at one that is near to our site

they have done all the pool up, it looks lovely but the tiles cant be the ones they are meant to have....

my DD has slipped on them and banged her head, I have seen elderly people slip and other kids

I know swimming pool areas will be slippy but these are not like any I have seen in pools before

the tiles are just the same as on the wall, they have nothing non slip on them

we mentioned this last year to the life guards and they said non slips mats were on the way hmm

still waiting

they are lethal

were do I start? I want to complain about them, who do I contact? they surely cant have passed safety regulations

they seem to do things on the cheeap. No hand dryers or soap in toilets, finishing touches not completed. the other day there was a tissues with blood all over by the sink, so were are the cleaners??

thanks for any advice

anniebear Mon 11-Aug-08 22:28:35

anyone ?


Tas1 Wed 13-Aug-08 20:28:20

My DH who is a chartered Surveyor has delt with things like this before as part of his job. He says to contact your local Health & Safety office and your local Council Office.

All tiles around a pool should be non slip.

Hope this helps.

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