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How much?

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bonnibaby Mon 11-Aug-08 12:04:29

I have some baby stuff to sell but absolutely no idea how to go about it or how much to ask for?!
Is it best to try Ebay?-never used it before..
or advertise in local shop or paper?
Also how much should i ask for?
I have a M +P Ultima with car seat,base, rain cover, footmuff
a Recaro infant carrier,
a fisher price swing,
ELC baby gym and also a bumbo,all in excellent condition...
Would really appreciate any help...

bubblagirl Mon 11-Aug-08 15:27:46

you could browse e bay for going rate and then just price up as to what you would be happy getting back you wont always make lots of money but anything back for now unwanted items is a plus

bonnibaby Tue 12-Aug-08 19:21:14

Thank you, thats a good

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