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I have to get many things in place before 4th September but am going round in circles - help me make some decisions?

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objectivity Sun 10-Aug-08 13:36:04

Right, I HAVE to get out of my house (rented) by Nov/Dec because the landlord wants to move into it.

I was seeing my landlord but we are over and I'm not coping awfully well, and he works next door, overlooks my garden, so I see/hear him every single day plus we have to deal with each other 'professionally' so that's another reason for moving ASAP.

I have a new job starting SEpt and I need to arrange childcare.

If I move it may - worst case scenario - involve a change of school and will affect childcare decsions.

Right now I have a choice of CM, part time live-out nanny and a play thing which collects from school but doesn't do breakfast club. All these options would work from this location.

If I move then I'd hope to drive children to same school but would need to totally rethink childcare pre and after school. Most likely look at au pair.

Thing is property I've seen is non-ideal and there are only a few weeks to sort all this. If I don't have the childcare firmly in place I simply would not be able to turn up to work!

So,do I wait it out and maybe move mid term (disruption for DC) as soon as something comes up that fits the bill, do I move now to the most suitable non-perfect property, or do I put all on hold and start looking again late September with a view to moving during in the half term or maybe even Xmas?

Waiting seems a good idea except for risk of mid term disrution to DC, plus having to live next to ex.


Dynamicnanny Sun 10-Aug-08 18:39:29

I'd move now - as you need to have everything all ready in place by september for when you start work.

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