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Wii games - what would you recommend for a 3yr old? and a nearly 40 yr old mummy?!

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zipzap Sat 09-Aug-08 16:50:33

I thought I would buy a wii and wii fit rather than join a gym in a bid to shed a few post ds2 pounds.

But I figure that it will get some general family usage too - and that ds1 will be keen to have a go. He enjoys simple games on the computer and websites for things like Bob the Builder, ITNG, Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs, Thomas etc so figure he will definitely be able to play some stuff on the wii. But it would be nice to get something that is age appropriate and fun for him rather than end up with stuff that he won't enjoy - or worse, would enjoy but that dh and I would thing inappropriate for him grin.

I've seen a couple of packages at Game that have either:
- SEGA Superstars Tennis
- Mario Kart + Steering Wheel
- Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
* all for an extra £40

- Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
- Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
- Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
* all for an extra £20

Are either of these packages worth paying the extra for?

And are there any other accessories that you really need or don't need?

I've found the "wii consoles" that shows stock and prices so am happy to get through that - seems that there are some in stock...

many thanks!

clayre Sat 09-Aug-08 17:05:27

we only have the wii sports that came with the wii and mario kart wii that my car obsessed ds loves and can play, you only get one remote with the wii its worth getting an extra one.

Love2bake Sat 09-Aug-08 17:06:23

Mario Kart would be good for a 3 y/o not sure about the others though.

My 4 y/o loves Mario & Sonic Olympics and Mario Party 8.

PortBlacksandResident Sat 09-Aug-08 17:08:34

Mario Kart
Mario Kart
Mario Kart

It's fab and sooooo addictive. My DSs (7 and 5) are obsessed! (as am i). You can also play against players from all over the world and any friends who have it too.

Agree re: second handset.

saggyhairyarse Sat 09-Aug-08 21:02:20

My DD, just 4, loves the boxing on Wii Sport hmm

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 10-Aug-08 09:08:06

Beach sports and EA playground are good for fun as well as the sports game that they all come with. We have the wheel and Mario but barely played with it.

I prefer games made with the wii in mind rather than those that are univeral to most consoles - the wii remote is far more fun when being used for tennis etc rather than just as a joypad.

I do know they do a Diego game for the little ones and some other kids games are being being released - not played them though.

Heifer Sun 10-Aug-08 09:18:53

You need 2 controller AND 2 Num chucks.

My DD (4.5) plays on Wii sports, and can manage the boxing, tennis and 10 pin bowling on her own.

I have heard that Mario Kart is excellent.

zipzap Sun 10-Aug-08 22:57:13

Thanks everyone.

Looks like we will be going for the one with mario kart in then - and play to get the extra remote. Plus another nunchuk...

Do we also need an extra wheel for mario kart - can 2 people play against each other?

I'm looking forward to getting hold of it all - and having something that will distract ds from the wii fit board as I am guessing that it is probably not up to the sort of bashing that an enthusiastic 3yr old can provide grin!

Now if only I can lose a pound of flesh for every wii pound spent I'll be very happy

clayre Mon 11-Aug-08 08:19:48

you dont need an extra wheel for for mario kart, you can play it just holding the remote but it is easier with the wheel and stops fights!

zipzap Wed 13-Aug-08 22:27:23

Thanks again for the advice.

I ended up ordering a wii with just mario kart from dixons - the other games didn't seem that good and dixons came up with a new bundle that just (!) cost £199 so put the extra £20 towards getting Wii Play as well. And hopefully they will be delivered soon!

And now I am just keeping watch on the wii fit boards to try to get one at a reasonable price... fingers crossed. They apparently had some on ToysRUs yesterday that they put out at about 4am and they sold out within 5 minutes - crazy!

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