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Bored by dd

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redsky Sun 13-Feb-05 00:03:52

Is it acceptable to admit that you are bored by your children sometimes? Dd (12) has always been a chatterbox and I have never discouraged her, but lately I find her incessant chatter about nothing in particular drives me crackers. Ignoring her makes her try all the harder to get my attention. Then I snap at her and she is hugely offended. What is a tactful way of suggesting she thinks before she speaks? Perhaps I should try to spend more time on purposeful chatter with her - and less time on MN????? Noooooooooo!!!

colditzmum Sun 13-Feb-05 00:17:20

Please don't show her that she bores you. My mother made it clear from the day my brother was born that I bored her rigid and it still hurts now. I know 12 year old girls prattle on for hours, but some don't want to talk to their parents at all, and which is worse? Can you not put up with it until she decides that you, as her mother, are in fact the most stupid and boring person on the planet? She'll be about 14 then

mummytojames Sun 13-Feb-05 00:18:58

im a chatterbox have alway been one what my mother used to do was when i started chatting about nothing intreasting she would slowly change the subject to something we both liked to talk about now when me and my mother gets together my father and dp leave the room because they say theres no stopping us
did you know that chattering is a form of lonelyness and its how we make freindships it sounds like your daughter is just trying to strengthen the relationship from mother and daughter who love each other to freinds as well

redsky Sun 13-Feb-05 00:27:58

Thanks colditz and mtj - your words of wisdom have hit the spot exactly. Must try harder - AND be stricter on myself about MN

colditzmum Sun 13-Feb-05 00:35:17

Sorry, I didn't mean to come across so sanctimonious. I spend far too much time on MN to preach to anyone.

I think MTJ has a point with the prattling/lonliness thing, I was a very lonely child.

Hope you get it all sorted out soon

redsky Sun 13-Feb-05 00:40:11

no offence taken colditz - just sound advice, thanks. aaarrggghh is that the time???

Tortington Sun 13-Feb-05 18:36:47

my daughter chatters about all kinds of shit - usually angel or buffy. i let her go on for a bit then say something like " thats was school today? go get your homework diary - let me have a looka t your books"

which she duly does - then she fucks off for ages - its a miricle

motherinferior Sun 13-Feb-05 18:38:13

Angel and Buffy? She sounds wonderful, Custardo!

Try a four year old's demented prattle...

beansprout Sun 13-Feb-05 18:40:38

My sd used to chatter for ever. Non-stop. I tried not to show I was bored but not always easy. You have my sympathy.

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 18:41:59

Message withdrawn

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