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Call cebtres PLEASE STOp outsourcing to f*cking India!!

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Monkeytrousers Fri 08-Aug-08 17:10:08

It's annoying enough getting fucking cold calls then not being able to understadn what the fuck is going on!

I thought I was getting a call from BT to say I was getting a discount - I dodn;t have time to take the call just wanted to be piolite and get them off the fone do I could get kids tea on teh table.

I really could not follow what was going on in the conversation and having to stop qwhat I was doing and listen very carefully just made me v angry and frustratyed when I was trying my very best to be polite.

Why won';t they stop!!??

NoBiggy Fri 08-Aug-08 17:12:49

Regardless of where they're calling from, some damn fools must actually buy something after being cold called, or they wouldn't bother doing it.


Monkeytrousers Fri 08-Aug-08 17:17:39

I am on a CPS to stop these, yet it doesn't. I have a feeling it might have been a swutchover from BT to someone else - fine I thought, just do it ans send me the details to READ. Then he started saying somehting about signing up and I was back to square 1 - not a clue what was happeing and fast running out of good eating time for kids. I hate being rude to people and so feel awful - I wasn;t even rude to him juist had to say after 10 minutes that i wasn;t getting it and had to go. Why have to do ti at all?? I hate ti!

southeastastra Fri 08-Aug-08 17:21:59

i spent about 15 minutes on one of these calls, they were doing a sanitary towel survey grin, we had quite a nice conversation.

i must have been in a good mood at the time.

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