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Harrold nr Bedford - what's it like?

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Bradsmum Sat 12-Feb-05 16:45:43

Hi - we are thinking about buying a house in Harrold. Does anyone know the area?

Bradsmum Sun 13-Feb-05 11:55:36

Bump - anyone please?

Gwenick Sun 13-Feb-05 12:22:40

Lived in Bedford for many years, don't actulaly 'know' Harrold as such but most of the villags in north Bedford are very nice.

PS would also mean you'd be quite close to me as I'm uust a little further north in Wellingborough

Bradsmum Mon 14-Feb-05 20:17:51

Thanks Gwenick - we currently live in Surrey so it's quite a big decision. Have to check out schools, etc, now

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