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council tax number crunchers needed pleeese

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effingannoyed Thu 07-Aug-08 19:01:37

The jist is >>>>>>
daughter and husband moved into private landlord flat AUG last year, the flat had been occupied from apr to aug by previous tenants. they paid aug to mar inc council tax
I thought that the council tax was paid over 10 equal instalments if it was occupied.
this would mean feb and mar 'free' as it were.
do you think that this was wrong???
complicated by the fact she moved out because of marriage difficulties in apr this yr and now altho the husband has been paying the council tax apr -july( he has now moved out of the accom himself) they say he is due a refund because he has paid too much.
well i can tell you the council tax was 120 mth so apr -july = 480 and they say he is due 215 back surely this is a reflection on the fact that they overpaid before???
hoping aganst hope asas he is being a right so and so re money concerns .

choufleur Thu 07-Aug-08 19:09:53

council's allow you to pay over 10 months but in fact you owe the tax for every day that you are in the property, so you need to break it down by dates.

if the husband stayed on, on his own and was paying full tax then he did pay too much as he should have got single person discount (25%).

TheLadyofShalott Thu 07-Aug-08 19:15:03

Was he paying the council tax direct to the council, or as part of the rent? If it was as part of the rent, the landlord may have divided the total by 12 & added it to the rent - the landlord would still have to pay for the whole year, so he would want to get it back from the tenants and the fact that he paid in 10 monthly instalments is irrelevant.

effingannoyed Thu 07-Aug-08 19:18:08

aahh ok thanks choufleur.
daughter said that he didnt actually apply for single person discount but may he playing her along hmmm
soory to bseem picky but ther is more to it thats why i am being like this... she was actaully a full time student and was exempt for the yr of course but didnt get anything sorted re council tax discount before she left and so in fact she has paid something like 860 pounds and he paid nothing. ah well live and learn thanks anyway

effingannoyed Thu 07-Aug-08 19:19:13

ladyofshallott (love the name) they paid direct to council.

choufleur Thu 07-Aug-08 21:03:04

can she get something from where she was studying to say she was a full time student between whatever dates and go back to the council to get a rebate?

LIZS Fri 08-Aug-08 14:18:07

I think if you take over the account mid- year you can't do the equivalent of 10 monthly installments so they could have paid in Feb and March. If he was paying in 10 installments this year, for 4 months(which would have been calculated to the day) he'd have paid 4/10 of the bill (£480) but would only have owed roughly 4/12 (£400) so a rebate would be due for the difference of £80 iyswim. He may then have got the 25% retrospectively, another £100 or so.

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