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Any USA West Coast MNers want to swap state quarters?

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turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 00:31:35

My dd and ds have been collecting the state quarters, now have all the East except W Virginia. We're returning to the UK at the end of March and we'd like to get a few of the western states (I know I could just order the complete set but it's not as much fun) - does anyone want to swap a few westies for any easties?

expatkat Sat 12-Feb-05 00:33:11

Ds is collecting them, too! But we only have 7 states so far, and no doubles of any, so we're way behind you and can't be of any help.

turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 00:38:03

Oh! Thanks for replying though - and you're very welcome to some of our doubles (in fact we have some trebles). The fun is when they turn up unexpectedly (like a Florida one in NY) but we're running out of time.
We have several NY, NJ, Texas, Virginia etc - let me know if you'd like them.

colinsmommy Sat 12-Feb-05 01:29:16

Is there a way to get them earlier than their release dates? I just looked on the website, and California is coming out anytime soon, Oregon is coming out mid-july, and a bunch of other western states aren't being released until later in the year, or the next couple of years.

turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 01:57:56

I'm not sure about when they're all out (I think California is imminent if not out already) - and when I looked at getting a complete set I thought they said they'd all be out by the end of 2005. We're just missing about 3 of the ones already out and wondered if anyone wanted t o swap.
How are you anyway CM? All going well?

colinsmommy Sat 12-Feb-05 02:01:57

Not according to this timetable. Although, I don't know that much about them personally. Don't really pay that much attention, I'm afraid. Which ones are you missing. My husband works retail, and can keep an eye out, and we have piles of change sitting around the house.

I'm doing pretty well, thanks. Getting out of my 1st trimester, and feeling a bit better. Going to go eat now, so will be away for a bit.

turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 02:20:48

Thanks for that. You've saved me being conned into signing up for something that would obviously have been coming in years of instalments (must read small print in future).
We're not normally spods, just quite enjoyed these and they're a nice memento of our time out here. We're missing Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin (and California obviously) - and can swap for pretty much any of the others if anyone's interested. But obviously we can get them off that website.
Glad you're feeling better - that trimester seems to have gone fast, though probably doesn't seem that way to you.

colinsmommy Sat 12-Feb-05 02:39:11

Let me see what I've got here. We probably have over $100 worth of change. Get back to you later to let you know. I could just tape them onto something and mail them like a letter. I don't really want any in return. I'm sure that would be better for you than getting them from some website.

Are you excited about going back to England? And what is a spod? (although I've got an idea from the context, I like to be sure)

turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 02:50:55

Tha's really sweet of you, if you can be bothered, thanks.
A spod is an avid collector type - a bit geeky. (Mind you I am a bit geeky, I just don't normally collect things!).
Mixed feelings about going home - dp and I are splitting up so that's why we're going (me and the kids) - we came out as a last ditch attempt to make it work but it hasn't. So I don't really feel that we've made the most of being here, but it wasn't really possible in the circumstances. I'm really glad we did it though.

colinsmommy Sat 12-Feb-05 03:32:40

Sorry to hear about the split, but glad you are getting out of the wierd-sounding place you live in now. Well, out of 206 state quarters, I have 1 Iowa and 1 Missouri and 0 Wisconsin or CA. You're welcome to the 2. You can CAT me to let me know where to send them to if you want. I think I have at least 2 of every other state, and the Missouri one was one of the last ones I looked at.

turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 15:16:11

Thanks Colinsmommy - will CAT you.
206 - thankyou for plooughing through them all

givenupforlent Sat 12-Feb-05 15:19:07

Wow - what a lovely idea. My mate is in Maryland and this would be a great thing to do for her kids to remind them of their time there. Can I buy any spares you may have and I;ll try and get my own collection going?

turquoise Sat 12-Feb-05 15:40:10

You're very welcome to my spares. Just let me know your address at turquoise1usa at
Who were you before you gave up for lent?

californiagirl Sat 12-Feb-05 20:16:07

Note that the reason you have eastern states and not western states is that the quarters are released in the order that the states were added to the union, and the country built up east to west. So the western states are all newer. I live in California, the California quarters have been issued, and I still haven't got one (they just came out last week, though, so it's not a big surprise; I'm still missing one of last years). The quarters are released evenly all over the country, so east/west isn't a big availability difference. You can't get all 50 because they don't finish releasing them until 2007!

What does make a difference east/west is that there are two mints, Philadelphia and Denver, and if you're a real fanatic, you want one of each state from each mint. But the east gets Philadelphia and the west gets Denver. So I have all but 2 of the released quarters frm Denver, and only about 10 from Philadelphia, most of those picked up on a trip to Atlanta in November... You can tell them apart by the letter on the front, but it's real pain to tell D from P.

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