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tomps Fri 31-Jan-03 21:44:08

Wasn't there a very tasty young man presenting this show (alongside that intensely irritating cutesy pigtailed child-woman). I've not watched for a while, but this week he had been transformed into that slightly odd cousin who didn't have any friends, couldn't dance and smelt funny. So we won't be watching that again.

Mommymommy Fri 31-Jan-03 21:58:40

Tikkabilla tick, tickabilla tock, what's the time on the tikkabilla clock.

Linzoid Sat 01-Feb-03 00:51:32

That child-woman, don't know whether to love her or hate her lol! Can't stand it when she does that impression of a monkey tho!

babster Sat 01-Feb-03 09:21:34

Have you noticed that Justin (blond, slightly chubby) is the voice of Jake from the Tweenies? Oh the trivia that fills my brain... I should get out more.

breeze Sat 01-Feb-03 10:02:18

Sorry got to stick up sarah-jane here (blonde girl with pig-tails), my son aged 3 loves this programme very much, but will not watch it if sarah jane isn't on it.(agree with the monkey impression).

Didn't know that about jake from the tweenies though, althought its so obviously the voice of fizz also does one on the fimbles.

Scatterbrain Sat 01-Feb-03 13:17:17

OOh Tomps - was it Paul ?? I think he's scrummy too !!! - interesting accent too - sounds a bit Scottish/American ish ?

We love Tikkabilla here - Paul, Bev and Sarh Jane are our favourites and sorry - but can't agree about her monkey impressions - we love them !!

Has anyone else noticed that one of the Bill and Ben animals (tortoise I think) has the voice of the council official in Bob the Builder, AND that Spud in BtB has the same voice as another animal - the worm I think in B&B ? AND - whoever would have recognised the Kipper voices as Martin Clunes and Julia Sawalha - not me in a million years !!!

Sad thing is that I keep CBeebies on even when DD is asleep !!!

breeze Sat 01-Feb-03 14:09:57

oh scatterbrain, i must admit that a while a go i could sleep because i couldn't rememeber one of the lines from clifford the big red dog, and unfortunately i cant get some tunes out of my head and sing them to myself all day.

SoupDragon Sat 01-Feb-03 15:30:13

Clifford needed Emily,
So she chose him for her own,
And her love made Clifford grow so big,
That the Howards had to leave their home.

Cliffords the best friend anyone could know,
He's the greatest dog ever, I really think so.
Clifford's so loyal, He's there when you call.
I love Clifford the big red dog!

So they packed up the family car
And the Howards left the City,
They moved to Birdwell Island
And found many new friends
There to greet Clifford and Emily

Cliffords so much fun he's a friend to us all
I love Clifford the big red dog

Scatterbrain Sat 01-Feb-03 16:04:16

Marvellous Soupdragon - that's got me singing again !!

Now is it just me or......does anyone else think that there's a bit of chemistry going on between Bob and Wendy ???

Hmmmmm ???

Chiccadum Sat 01-Feb-03 16:08:13

I know it's not Tikkabilla, but, does anyone else find the new Andy Pandy annoying and think the Shiny show is brill, i lurve dogsby.

PamT Sat 01-Feb-03 17:26:28

Scatterbrain, I think Bob and Wendy have got something going too. They had a kiss in one episode, then Wendy's tarty sister turned up and things seemed to take a backward step! I think they should get married.

Chiccadum - I hate the shiny show and those stupid little songs they have.

My favourite is Come Outside - I love Pippin (not struck on Auntie Mabel though), I wish they'd do some new episodes though because I'm sick of seeing the poo one, its always on a mealtimes with the current Cbeebies schedule.

Adelaide Sat 01-Feb-03 19:15:20

Am I the only one who thinks that one of the Tikabilla presenters (might be the one others seem to find cute) is actually Side Show Bob from The Simpsons?

Queenie Sat 01-Feb-03 20:57:02

PamT, Come Outside must be quite old now because Auntie Mabel is in "Fat Friends" and looks years older. My dd loves Pippin but I am sad to say imo Pippin is probably dead now. I would love to know when it was made but can't make the roman numerals out at the end of the programme. Can anyone help??

batey Sat 01-Feb-03 21:11:41

We love Come Outside.

I wish someone would put the b****y Fimbles and that stupid frog thing out of their misery!!

Chiccadum Sat 01-Feb-03 21:22:02

I must admit i don't like the Fimbles, i think it is rubbish but dd1 and dh both love it and sing along to all the songs whilst i cringe.

AngieL Sat 01-Feb-03 21:35:39

I'm sure Pippin has been with the cbeebies presenters this week. Or was that another dog pretending to be Pippin?

Demented Sat 01-Feb-03 22:28:19

Queenie, I knew I had seen her somewhere before! We love Come Outside too, don't have digital anymore but wouldn't mind seeing the poo episode a few more times, it was brill!

Haven't seen this Tikkabilla or Ballamory, are both of these on digital?

Rhiannon Sat 01-Feb-03 22:30:27

Does anyone else love The Blue Cow music on Story Makers? I can't get enough of it!

tomps Sat 01-Feb-03 23:39:28

Adelaide - you're so right, I knew I recognised him from somewhere. Must be sideshow bob's illegitamate (sp?) son though. Illegitimate gorgeous son. Quite like Fimbles except for the one who looks after 'little one' ... even more irritating voice than sarah Jane imo. And the frog of course, who is clearly the reincarnation of the wacky office worker from the Fast Show. Love Tweenies, and happily watch it while dd busy playing ! Demented - yes, they're digital, and you're not missing much. Queenie - to translate roman numerals look here !

sb34 Sat 01-Feb-03 23:43:31

Message withdrawn

batey Sun 02-Feb-03 07:03:00

M m m my mum d d d does!

SoupDragon Sun 02-Feb-03 08:04:03

Bluuuuuue cow, bluuuuue bluuuuuue cow!

I love the Come Outside "poo" episode too. That wonderful song about what happens when you flush it down the toilet! Superb!!

It looks like Come Outside was made in the late 1990s. The Sewage episode was shown at 9:45am on Thursday 30th October 1997. Why oh why does the BBC website have schedules for 1997???

PamT Sun 02-Feb-03 08:18:42

Sb34, are we talking Nurse Gladys Emmanuelle here?

I thought I caught a glimpse of Pippin on Cbeebies this week too. I also caught the tail end of a little mini documentary about Pippin on there last year, showing who she/he really belonged to and how they trained her/him. (I know Pippin is supposed to be female but I've a feeling that the real dog is actually male - but could be wrong here). Pippin also appears on one of the animal rescue adverts, don't know if its RSPCA or NCDL but its the one where you can have a credit card which donates to the charity.

I did a lengthy search on the internet to find Pippin a while ago but couldn't get any further information on the dog that plays her. I had actually wondered if she was the dog in Thomas and the Magic Railroad too. How sad am I to be gripped with the desire to know so much a dog on a children's tv programme?

PamT Sun 02-Feb-03 08:20:21

last line should be 'so much about a dog' (its far too early in the morning, doh!)

breeze Sun 02-Feb-03 09:40:21

The thing i love best about story makers and the blue cow is, at the end when the other cow goes 'everybody knows cows can't ........... but we know they can don't we', my ds says 'yes we do don't we mummy'.

Also love balamory, ds loves josey jump and pc plum. shame its not on at the moment.

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