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Someone give me a slap

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singyswife Wed 06-Aug-08 12:51:41

My Mum had the kids last night to let me get up and go to work this monring (cleaning 2 hours, nothing exciting). Anyway last night (and most of the week) I have felt crap with pmt. Cancelled work this morning and went back to bed. Got a letter in saying that I didnt get the job I went for on MOnday (second interview in a month I havent got) and am having my friends kids this afternoon and cant be bothered with the world today. Someone give me a good hard slap and tell me to get a grip.

singyswife Wed 06-Aug-08 12:57:01


singyswife Wed 06-Aug-08 16:39:36

Does no one want to slap me. i have been out with the kids and dont really feel any better.

suzywong Wed 06-Aug-08 16:42:30

this is getting very old now but I think it applies to you

mankymummy Wed 06-Aug-08 16:42:36

i dont think you need a slap. i think you need a big cup of tea and a chocolate cream cake ! grin

singyswife Wed 06-Aug-08 16:51:21

Thanks Suzywong, thats me well and truly told.

suzywong Wed 06-Aug-08 16:52:56

No fcken worries, mate
as they say over here

singyswife Wed 06-Aug-08 17:02:47

Lol. Thanks for that. You must have 'toughened the fick up' then

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