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MOT Expired - getting car to garage for new test

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vitomum Wed 06-Aug-08 09:09:27

so here is ny question. How do i legally drive my car to the garage to get a new MOT certificate? I think it's not illegal if you can show you are going for a pre-arranged appointment. BUT - what about my insurance? If i had an accident on the way there would i still be insured?

thanking you most kindly for any info

tinytitch Wed 06-Aug-08 10:00:43

I work at a garage, you can drive your car if you are driving to a pre-booked appointment, not sure exactly about insurance but i think it is ok. You will be amazed how many people are completely oblivious that they need an mot and some customers have no idea what it is and can't understand why the service they had done a few months ago will not count! ( i work for a prestige car company and have recently had this conversation with a Doctor! )Do the garage offer a collection and delivery service? I think you will be ok but might be worth calling your insurance company for clarification.

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