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Tesco grocery delivery - bit annoyed

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emsiewill Fri 11-Feb-05 17:06:29

I've just had a grocery delivery from Tesco. all my stuff was there, but I also had 2 bags of stuff that is not mine. Like a good citizen, I called the customer services number to let them know about it - I thought they would send the driver back to collect it. The woman said "Well, you can keep the stuff, or you can give it to someone else". So I get it for free! It is fresh stuff, but I could easily put it in my fridge and keep it safe until the driver got back.

When I asked what about the person who they belonged to, she said they would be refunded.

This raised 2 questions in my mind:

a/ That person might really need the stuff tonight; I know how frustrating it is when you've planned a meal round ingredients, and then they aren't in stock / are substituted for something else.

b/ If you knew someone who drove for Tesco, you could get a good deal - they "accidentally" give you something good from someone else's shopping, you get it for free, and the other person gets their money back.

Just feels wrong to me.

What do you think?

nailpolish Fri 11-Feb-05 17:08:11

that happened to me, i got someone elses nappies. the driver came back though. maybe you have a lazy driver.

it would be so annoying if that was your tea for that night. i hope the other person complains too

Gwenick Fri 11-Feb-05 17:14:41

I've got to say overall I'm very imppressed with Tesco delivery - recently I DID have a bag of stuff missing (nothing major just DH's muller rices' and jam custard sponge thing ). However, I hadn't even got the half the stuff unpacked to even realise this when I had a call from the delivery driver, apologising profusely for the mistake and asking if he could call round in another 1/2hr or so with the stuff..

Yesterday was good too though - no substitues, but it said the Tortilla's were out of stock so I hadn't been charged (and they certainly weeren't on the list). got to the last bag of stuff to unpack and what did I find my Tortillas!

Back to the points in question

a) yes that's true it IS annoyong when things don't turn up, however, whenever I do my shopping online (ie every week) I alwasy make sure in the back of my mind that I KNOW that there's a chance that stuff may not turn up (thankfully never happened yet). Having said that when we used to shop in the supermarket itself I often used to have to Sainsbury on the way home to get stuff they didn't have in Tesco!

b) Theoretically yes - although I should imagine if it happened on a frequent basis it would be picked up on and the driver be repremanded

SamN Fri 11-Feb-05 17:38:16

that's happened to me (with an ASDA delivery I think). It wasn't stuff I wanted, though!

I've used ASDA, Tescos and Sainsburys, to two different houses, and I think a lot depends on who's packing the bags at the supermarket, and on the driver. ASDA was wonderful at our old house, but Sainsburys always got stuff wrong. In the new place, ASDA has really messed up and I'm not going to use them again, whereas the Sainsburys orders are always okay and the driver is really friendly.

When I've complained I just had a refund for the things that didn't arrive/were substituted strangely. But of course it is annoying if you have tea planned. I've ended up just planning an easy tea for the nights the delivery comes, using food I know I have in stock.

milge Fri 11-Feb-05 17:41:44

Did anyone get my nappies, loo roll, baked beans and 2 pepperoni pizzas on tuesday night? Had them refunded, but meant i had to go back to Tesco's myself to get supper that night after the delivery man had been. AAARgh!

iota Fri 11-Feb-05 17:43:51

I think the problem with them not collecting the goods and reusing them is that they have been out of Tescos hands and they cannot guarantee to the other customer that the food is as it should be

Merlot Fri 11-Feb-05 17:54:20

I think thats exactly it Iota - especially with the refrigerated and frozen bits. I was once the lucky recipient of 3 packs of large prawns and a frozen gateau as the recipient of a similar balls up

pixiefish Fri 11-Feb-05 18:07:08

Don't get me started on Tesco- this week they substituted rice milk with... no not soya milk, not oat milk- they substituted it with cow's milk- very clever. And the salad i had was dated the day of delivery (delivery at 6.30 pm)

Every week there's something- phone up to complain and get told basically to like it or lump it- am stuck cos no one else does home delivery round here

fisil Fri 11-Feb-05 18:46:29

i stopped using Tescos after they did this to me too many times.

started using Ocado two years ago and haven't looked back. They always deliver on time or early. They phoned during the hour the one time they were a bit later. The one time they missed two bags customer services rang me immediately and gave me a free bottle of wine & £10 off & rearranged to deliver the missing stuff (fresh stuff) the next time I was home - and then found the bag in the lorry and brought it to me later that evening. They rarely substitute too. All of these things happened with Tesco and after lots of hanging around on the phone I would eventually get someone grunting and telling me that it was due to events beyond their control (Henman playing at Wimbledon was their excuse once!)

anchovies Fri 11-Feb-05 19:00:20

My sisters boyfriend is an Ocado driver and I was amazed the other day to hear that he had driven to Wales (from Manchester)to deliver someones food and an hour into his journey home he got a phonecall saying she didn't have her satsumas. As she lived in a very rural area and was elderly he drove all the way back to her after stopping on the way for some satsumas. I was pretty impressed with the customer service!

pixiefish Fri 11-Feb-05 20:23:29

have just checked the ocado website and they don't deliver in this area. neither do Asda who are the nearest supermarket to do home delivery.

I really dislike the attitude of the tesco customer service people- when they first came to this area they bent over backwards to get people to shop there. if they charged you incorrectly they refunded the whole amount etc etc. Now the service is iMo hopeless. They've got the monopoly and really don't need to try any more so they don't

Slinky Fri 11-Feb-05 20:42:50

I've been using Tesco online since it started here (5 years) - and can honestly say I've never had any major problems. I might have had a couple of "weird" substitutions which I handed back (now I tick "Do not Substitute") but I think that's it.

I may have a couple of things which are not available on occasions, but the majority of the time, my order is complete. They have turned up late once in 5years, and that was due to a major car accident blocking the road. They did telephone me to say they were running late, and I think in the end they were an hour late.

We don't get Asda or Sainsburys deliveries here and we don't have a Waitrose for MILES - in fact I don't even know where our nearest is.

I'm quite happy to carry on using Tesco online for the time being, but they are currently building a Tesco in this town (major excitement for us as we only have a Morrisons (ex Safeway) or Somerfield) so I will probably start shopping instore once they open.

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