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What makes a family?

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Jbr Thu 29-Mar-01 20:09:22

A family in the North East were stopped from staying at a famous UK holiday resort because it consisted of a mother, her female partner and their 5 children!

This company states that a family is "a mother, a father and 1-5 children". One of the mother's had booked on the telephone and it was all sorted out only for them to be turned away when they arrived.

Not only is that prejudiced against same sex parents, it rules out single parents, families with more than 5 children, and what about families where the Grandparents are the guardians? Grandparents will be neither mother or father!

Totally disgusting!

Star Thu 29-Mar-01 20:37:05

Message withdrawn

Hmonty Fri 30-Mar-01 09:22:49

That is outrageous! Who was it? Not that I was planning a holiday in the North East but maybe I'll book one with a female friend and see if they turn us and our five children away....

Sml Fri 30-Mar-01 09:37:09

Interesting definition of the family - so more than 5 children is ruled out too? and grandparents don't count???

Jbr Fri 30-Mar-01 17:20:28

I read it was Butlins but another report said Centerparcs!

You can't rely on anything in the newspapers! Sorry, I really can't help. The story was true, because a spokes person from the company said that was their policy and they were sticking to it, but I am not sure myself which company it was. I think I will personally check some out now to ask what their "small print" says makes up a family. May I suggest some of you do the same, and we can compare notes!

I might look at some websites first.

Kia Fri 30-Mar-01 19:17:06

As far as I'm aware Centreparcs dont allow parties of all men or all women - stag and hen parties if you know what I mean. I've stayed at all 3 with different parties of different make-ups and never had a problem, admittedly they weren't all one sex though. Having had to endure(!) competitions at various butlins all over the country supporting my daughter's dance troupe, I'd find it very hard to believe butlins had discriminated against anybody! I've also been to Oasis and saw loads of different family groups and from what I saw I don't believe they would discriminate in that way either. Its so difficult to know what to believe, probably best to cut the story in half, half again and then take whats left with a hefty pinch of salt!

Rainbow Sat 31-Mar-01 16:25:36

I have frequently found that a family is no more than 3 children ... we have been faced with the prospect of paying for 2 children (we have 5 children too), so for now we pass the two youngest off as under 3 or 2 years old or whatever the limit is. I really annoys me!! I also tried to search for airline seats on several websites and nearly all would only let me search for a maximum of 2 adults and 4 children. I have also been told that the reason families are restricted to 2 or 3 children is because 2 families may try to 'club' their children together to get cheaper entry ... this seems a particularly spurious reason.

Janh Thu 03-May-01 11:24:53

rainbow, i think you hit the nail on the head there!
2 women - 5 kids - to them that's obviously 2 mums PRETENDING to be a family!!!

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