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Can't handle my job any more

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colditzmum Fri 11-Feb-05 14:02:53

My job means I have to take 3 courses simultaniously (sp?) and I just want to jack it in now. I have utterly had enough. When I took this job, I was a basic care assistant, 6 months later I am a senior, I am not qualified, I can't keep up with my courses that will ensure I AM qualified, and one of my course tutors has just phoned me up and berated me like a child because I missed the meeting. I forgot it, it was entirely my fault, but now she is threatening to kick me off the course as its the second time this has happened.
If I get kicked off the course I will probably lose my job, and I am beginning to think that I would rather leave to be a SAHM than get sacked. I only took this job in the first place because dp wasn't working.

Does anyone know if you get any more tax credits when your income drops? My partner earns about £220 pw before tax, if I stop working we will lose about £550 pcm

Smurfgirl Fri 11-Feb-05 16:17:08

Can you not ask to be made a normal carer again? Someone at my work recently went down from a senior.

Or maybe go somewhere else and start as a carer?

Kelly1978 Fri 11-Feb-05 16:30:45

The Inland revenue has an online form here, which assesses whether you qualify for tax credit and how much you would be entitled to - you could try filling it out based on your partner's income, and check. Tax Credit Calculator

colditzmum Sat 12-Feb-05 11:51:29

Thanks everyone. I have actually done some of my NVq work now and have calmed down a bit. If my boss really wants to sack me cos I didn't hand my homework in on time, I figure that's her problem. I don't care anymore anyway, cos I know I am good at my job.

Sadly the new laws mean that every carer has to be working towards or hold an nvq 2 in care by 2006 so there is hno escape through demotion.

Satine Sat 12-Feb-05 13:15:54

Hi colditzmum - I'm just going through a similar thing - I'm a freelance florist (which I love) but dh is off to iraq next month and the stress of trying to work and look after two little ones and a dog on my own is getting to me. I'm really considering stopping work altogether for the sake of the kids and my sanity! It doesn't make much money yet anyway. But then I'm ruining my long term career prospects (at least as a florist). I'm completely torn - when I'm stressed I think why am I putting myself through this? but then when I'm not I'm sad at the thought of stoppping.

Smurfgirl Sat 12-Feb-05 13:45:50

Can you put a hold on yout NVQ2? I was told that I would not be required to even consider starting it until I had BEEN there 6mths, probably a year.

The law is that 50% of all carers on shift have to be NVQ2 qualified by 2006 I believe, so you should not be under so much pressure to do yours.

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