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Drug taking muppets over the road

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FeelPowerless Fri 01-Aug-08 14:41:16

Can anyone advise on way forward please? Opposite my house is a set of three large houses, used to be uni halls of residence, now hosting some kind of short to mid-term overseas visitors. Their behaviour is is what you'd expect from youngish people enjoying London and mostly tolerable, out and up late, street singing, doors banging but thankfully no loud music. What I will no longer tolerate is the use of the front room overlooking my kitchen/dinner, garden and sitting room as a combined drugs den/sunbathing platform.

We have veyr limited privacy now and are living behind drawn shades once they get up about 2-3pm, and to stop my 3 year old asking more awkward questions about the 'big red toy' and 'steam' they are 'playing' with. (A very busy marihuana bong by the looks of it.) The sunbathing bit involves them climbing onto the roof outside their window to stare into our houses and smoke more. I now have to keep persuading my 3 year old he is not allowed to climb out of windows. He has tried.

None of neighbours know who owns/manages the place so far since it was sold on. We have tried asking the tenants - but they either have such poor English they cannot answer. The one who came closest to trying to answer didn't know. Ditto the poor benighted cleaning ladies who appear once a week. I cannot get a reply from their boss as to who they are working for. The police have been called in to the middle of these 3 houses for a fight, but would not come when I finally got arsed completely off earlier in the week about blatant coke and marijuana use in their bright window at 9pm. The neighbours say the council can't do anything. Is that true do you think? Any advice please? I feel powerless but very angry and may blow up extremely unhelpfully at them soon. Would have sooner, but can't leave the children to go storming over their and vent at will. Once when stuck in I used international sign language (flicked a V and gestured "wanker" at one who was standing on roof yelling through road cone). He stopped and they were a good deal better for a short while. Clearly they need boundaries telling, and frequent reminding of them and I think their landlord should be the one.

Oh my god, they are the young ones and i am mary whitehouse...

But seriously. What can I do?

superloopy Fri 01-Aug-08 14:54:59

I too had problems with badly behaved neighbour living downstairs. I did a land registry search which cost a couple of £'s and got the owners name/details. This might be worth a try.

superloopy Fri 01-Aug-08 15:00:20

It costs £3 here

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