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New Aussie mum in London needing advice please

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redvelvet Fri 01-Aug-08 09:06:20

Hi everyone,

Am a new mum to London from Australia and currently living with hubby and baby with family while we work out where to live. Am finding it hard to work out how the system works here for kiddie healthcare/childcare/play centres and generally need some help with where to live to not feel isolated from other mums. We want to be relitively close to the centre of london (victoria area) for hubby's work but somewhere with a safe feel, close to a park, nice shopping and affordable rentals. Any ideas?? We loved Richmond from a recent day trip but just a bit pricey for our budget.Have heard snippets about Norwood West, Dulwich?? London seems so big and when you don't know these areas or anyone who lives there, am not sure whether to go by old info on burrough reputations on the internet...Any advice would be so so helpful, thank you:-)thank you:-) thank you"-)

shhhh Fri 01-Aug-08 11:44:50

bump for you ;-)
Im a northern lass so not much help.!

redvelvet Fri 01-Aug-08 12:21:33

thanks anyway, can you suggest anywhere north then? Am open to any suggestions...

elkiedee Fri 01-Aug-08 13:13:20

Victoria is very well served by public transport - London stations on the lines in from Kent, Victoria and District/Circle line tubes and buses.

My boyfriend lived in West Norwood when I first met him, there's a train line to Victoria but I never got over feeling it was the middle of nowhere in other ways. And it was more than 10 years ago but I didn't think shopping was great, Streatham was marginally better.

Affordable rentals and a safe feel may not go too well together. I live in an area of north London, Tottenham, which rather lacks safe feel but is good for parks and public transport as well as other public services and is still cheaper than many of the gentrified areas near by. Our nearest tube is Seven Sisters on the Victoria line and only takes 20 minutes to Victoria though.

There are lots of Aussies living in the area - Wood Green, Turnpike Lane and Manor House on the Piccadilly Line are more popular with middle class renters and buyers, and are good for shopping of various kinds, and journey time to central London is similar (a very easy switch at Finsbury Park for Victoria).

Find out about Children's Centres near where you're staying now, and look in the nearest library as well. Get the family registered with a GP. There are lots of parent and baby groups that meet in children's centres and libraries, and they're often publicised in these places and in health centres. CCs also provide nursery places, paid for but usually cheaper than private provision and often very high standards, though demand for them is high, especially for under 2s.

redvelvet Fri 01-Aug-08 13:21:31


Thanks, all that info is most helpful:-)

I fugured that may be the case, asking a it too much to have all those things -good price, parks etc. Thanks for those suggestions tho. Really appreciate it.

shhhh Fri 01-Aug-08 14:25:45

Im northwest (lancashire) so maybe up here is further than you want to go..?

if it helps though, up here is rapidly changing into a nice cosmopilitan place to be and live.
You can either live city or town or rural depends on cost and options available I guess.
We live around 20/30 mins drive from manchester centre so ideal for work or even socialing. If your dh was to commute (which dh does a few times a month) then trains take around 2-3 hours so not that bad for comutting although that said your dh may would prefer to get accomodation down south for him or may even think we are to far iykiwm like I said at first...

We are close to the trafford centre (around 15 mins) which is usually where I live blush. Perfect for highstreet and designer shopping..lovely restaurants and a cinema etc.

Other nice local areas are mostly cheshire (v upmarket and where you find alot of "celebrities" and "footballers" wink iykwim)

Good luck x

MrsRecycle Fri 01-Aug-08 14:39:30

Welcome to London. Like you, I could never afford to live in Richmond but I do travel there a lot to meet up with the West London Mnet crew, we are a very friendly bunch. I live in Ruislip - it has 5 tube lines, so easily accessible into London. Lots of open spaces/parks. We did consider Dulwich around the same time as our move to Ruislip but am glad I settled over here instead. The thing that scared me with Dulwich was the actual area around it being not so savoury. If you wanted me to show you around, we have a lovely High Street, a big shopping Centre close by in Uxbridge, let me know. We also have a local meet-up with other Mums in Ruislip every now and then.

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