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Can anyone advise me where I'm going wrong in opening a PDF file?

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Carla Thu 10-Feb-05 07:03:27

I've tried opening, I've tried save. All I get is a word document with a load of gobbledegook in it. What am I doing wrong? TIA

alux Thu 10-Feb-05 07:19:18

I hope I am not pointing out the obvious but have you installed Adobe Acrobat on your computer first? It is available free off the internet.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 10-Feb-05 07:35:19

PDF files shouldn't be opened in MS Word. They should be opened in Adobe Acrobat, as alux says. If you've got Adobe Acrobat installed, it should start up when you double-click on the .pdf file.

Carla Thu 10-Feb-05 07:40:56

I think I must have Adobe Acrobat, because when I use the City Council's website it opens them up ok. The file automatically went to a word document. How can I double check I have AA installed? TIA

NotQuiteCockney Thu 10-Feb-05 07:54:24

On my computer, I see Acrobat Reader 5.0 in my All Programs menu.

Any chance the file name has got muddled and is whatever.pdf.doc? That would cause this?

nasa Thu 10-Feb-05 08:39:42

go to 'start' 'all programs' and you should see either Adobe or Acrobat, open it up and then try opening the document from 'file' 'open'

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