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Went to Pilates for the first time yesterday....... Oh.......My.... God........ I'm in PAIN!

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yorkshirepudding Thu 31-Jul-08 12:40:26

Message withdrawn

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Thu 31-Jul-08 12:42:40

i went to pilates for a while. didn't feel it at must be going to a better one!

Slouchy Thu 31-Jul-08 12:48:54

Sounds like you weren't warmed down properly, but that said, I've been going for years and sometimes I feel really sore for a day or 2 after. If yoiu are doing it properly, it really does have a big impact on your body (though not on heart/lung function). I recommend a really hot shower as soon as you get home.

Oh, and you may feel worse tomorrow! Be warned!

yorkshirepudding Thu 31-Jul-08 12:52:25

Message withdrawn

DrNortherner Thu 31-Jul-08 12:55:02

Who took the class?

I did yoga and felt like I'd been hit my a truck afterwards. I hated it. I didn't go back!

Sounds like it has def sone some good tho!

zazen Thu 31-Jul-08 13:02:37

Yes, sounds like you engaged your muscles. Good for you - my teacher is super excellent and recommends three times a week for 20 minutes, between her weekly class, and you will see a big difference - you'll lose a few inches of your waist.

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