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Well the Olympics are nearly here and I am looking forward to it.

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wrinklytum Wed 30-Jul-08 01:09:33

I heart the Olympics.Love athletics.Can't wait.Am I a saddo?

(OK I realise all the Tibet stuff is crapola,I'm talking purely from a sports POV)

HumphreyPillow Wed 30-Jul-08 01:10:14

Will we be able to see anything through the smog?

wrinklytum Wed 30-Jul-08 01:11:47


PS What happened to the cushion??

HumphreyPillow Wed 30-Jul-08 01:18:52

I deregistered.
Then got lured back. grin

differentID Wed 30-Jul-08 01:25:48

If you deregister again, would you come back as HumphreyDuvet? lol.
Mumsnet is an addiction.

HumphreyPillow Wed 30-Jul-08 01:29:34

I'm certainly getting bigger as time goes on!

differentID Wed 30-Jul-08 01:31:01


differentID Wed 30-Jul-08 01:41:11

What events do you not like missing? For me it's the gymnastics- I watched the Atlanta games when Kerry Strug knackered her ankle in the vault and then did the second one which won the team's medal.

ninedragons Wed 30-Jul-08 05:45:11

I know somebody in the Australian rowing team, so I am looking forward to those events.

Think the heat will be more of a problem than the smog - Beijing can hit 40C in August. I would not be entirely surprised if somebody died from heat exhaustion after the marathon. All for the stupidity of starting the games on a lucky date.

branflake81 Thu 31-Jul-08 14:33:50

Ooh I love the Olympics, esp athletics and swimming. Trouble is most of it will prob be in the middle of the night due to the time difference.

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