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Thought provoking.........

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Gwenick Wed 09-Feb-05 14:35:34

wasn't sure which board to stick this on - SN would make sense given the 'content', but then it's also 'in the news' and could also provide a good 'chat' it's in here.


I though it was quite intersting - and certainly makes you think.... the 2nd was quite poignant (sp) for me as my mum has Parkinson's and Osteo Arhtitis, neither of which you can 'see' but certainly impair her ability to do things.

Any other thoughts on them???

Caligula Wed 09-Feb-05 14:38:30

I LOVE the man on the moon one!

It really says it all about priorities, in every area of life, not just disability

Bumblelion Wed 09-Feb-05 14:40:33

This is also thought provoking for me.

(1) My mum suffers from depression which is an illness you cannot "see" and a lot of people do not understand. She has been in hospital since 1st December (with neuropathy caused by bad diet). Was in NHS hospital, found out she had private healthcare and moved on 2nd January to private hospital. As of 2 weeks ago she moved into a care home (for the over 60s but she is not 60 until April but they have taken her anyway). The people in the daycare home are not "medically trained" and are unsympathetic towards depression. One of the "careworkers" teases/winds up my mum and she "hit out at him" on Sunday after he grabbed her arm telling her he was going to have a little nap in her chair in her bedroom (my mum can't see the joke because of the depression). They are now moving her, probably as of Monday, into our local psychiatric ward at our local hospital. If I had known 2 months ago when mum was first admitted to A&E she would end up in the psychiatric ward I would have been very distressed, but now I think it is the best place for her.

(2) My daughter has Sotos Syndrome which causes overgrowth and delayed development. Again it is a syndrome that cannot be "seen" as such. Lots of people comment on how "big" she is for her age but I don't want to have to tell everyone about the syndrome and what it is.

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