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Well we have 5 clocks in ur house and they all say something different.

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DontNeedAnything Mon 28-Jul-08 21:34:25

DPs alarm clock says 9:23. It is an automatically adjusting super accurate one hmm
My alarm clock says 9:27...but is old so happy to admit it may be dodgy
Windows Vista says 9:28....I am sure that is a self updating always accurate thing too?
Sky on the TV says 9:29...I would have though this would be accurate but disgrees wit the self updating thingumy jobby of DPs
Our DVD player says 9:30, with no clever functionality other than my brain adjusting it when it is wrong.

So what is the time???

<And before some smart Alec comes along and says it is noe 9:35 or whatever...this just shows how long it takes me to type>

RealityGap Tue 29-Jul-08 10:36:42

phone the speaking clock!!

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