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Moral advice needed!!

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astonmartin Tue 28-Jan-03 22:46:43

I have A right nightmare of a situation, Just found out that Brother inlaw is driving even though he has not passed his test, this is made a LOT worse by his parents are letting him, hes only 17 and hes damb parents dont give a @@@@ they are actually encourging it as they own a business that driving is essential. They have told him that its all legeal due to him being on his farthers insurance, so they can go out and enjoy their gambling problem!!, what shall i do my dw doesn't what me to go to the police for obverse reasons, she has tryed to talk to the lad and explain that its agaist the law!!, and has also had a go @ her parents! but no joy it just seems to be laughed off, we have just had a massive row over it which i hate, but what should i do?

Deborahf Tue 28-Jan-03 22:56:19

This is an awful situation to be in. But think how you'll feel if he has an accident and he's killed, or worse he ends up killing someone else. If he and his parents won't listen, then I think you need to tell the police. I can understand why your dw feels as she does, but she must realise that this is a dangerous situation.

I don't know if this helps, but I do hope things work out for the best.

sobernow Tue 28-Jan-03 23:13:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JulieF Tue 28-Jan-03 23:28:47

Years and years ago my mum worked for an insurance company and used to see the after effects of accidents involving uninsured drivers (which an unqualified, unaccompanied driver would be).

This is not a small misdemeanour. PLEASE REPORT IT.

astonmartin Wed 29-Jan-03 00:29:23

the main problem is I dont want to get the lad arrested, as he is very easily mislead, which is what is parents are doing its them that need to be sorted out, dw says that if i report it she may not be able to forgive me is he goes to jail, i have explained on how we would feel if anything happened "god please don't let anything happen" but every 1 seems to be shrugging their shoulders to it Dw even mentioned it to her GM but got the responce keep out of it, How can we after all he could kill a child and having two of our own I would hate to see this, How can these people call themself parents they are delibertly putting their sons and others lifes @ risk, even letting him risk going to prison

sobernow Wed 29-Jan-03 00:49:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Jan-03 00:51:04

Well could you try talking to him (BIL) and explaining how serious it is? Tell him he's not insured, he could go to prison, it's illegal, immoral and damn stupid! Could you encourage him to take his test and get covered legally ASAP? If all that fails, yes, report him and hassle the police until they do something about it.

zebra Wed 29-Jan-03 04:43:57

I don't think he would go to jail just based on your report, but the Police might pay him a visit and put a good fright into him. A first offense is more likely to be community service, if he is caught driving without a license. Whereas if he is caught in an accident without a license he could be jailed, banned from driving for life, never mind having to live with guilt if anybody is seriously injured. Sounds like the family would know it was you who reported him... but which is worse? The family rift, or knowing you could be endangering a life by not acting?

robinw Wed 29-Jan-03 07:33:13

message withdrawn

Bozza Wed 29-Jan-03 09:19:03

Agree that he wouldn't go to prison - probably. But that you should do something - threaten him with police or go to police.

Alibubbles Wed 29-Jan-03 09:43:19

A local 17 year old boy was killed in our city last week. Driving on his own, hadn't taken his test yet. Luckily no one else was involved.
None of his friends can believe it happened, DD and her BF knew him and they are all stunned, it's shaken them up a bit as it happened to someone they all knew, not just "someone else"

Scatterbrain Wed 29-Jan-03 10:06:24

asonmartin - horrible situation for you ! What about an anonymous letter or phone-call (phone box) to the police - then deny all knowledge !

You've got to do something !

CAM Thu 30-Jan-03 12:54:59

The parents (who presumably own the car) would get into trouble for letting someone who has not passed their test and therefore cannot be insured, drive their car. The lad would also get into trouble for driving without a licence, insurance,etc. They are breaking the law in such a dangerous way that you have to report them.

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