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Does anyone know what width materail usually comes in?

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makealist Fri 25-Jul-08 20:10:15


Littlefish Fri 25-Jul-08 20:11:39

Depends on the material wink

Are you talking about dressmaking fabric or upholstery/curtain fabric.

overthemill Fri 25-Jul-08 20:12:21

140 cm i think generally. sometimes wider.

makealist Fri 25-Jul-08 20:13:55

yes littlefish, upholstery fabric.

Littlefish Fri 25-Jul-08 23:03:30

140 - 150cm I think, but it really does vary. Do you have a specific fabric in mind, or are you just trying to work out how much fabric you might need for something.

I'm rubbish at working it out, as, when I'm making curtains, it all depends on the pattern and how big the pattern repeat is.

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