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breeze Tue 28-Jan-03 21:08:58

Mentioned in another thread, someone admitted to liking Tony Blair (you know who you are), and just wondered if there was any other non obvious people whom we have crushes on. I must admit to liking Quinten Willson, I am sure others will come to me later.

breeze Tue 28-Jan-03 21:12:23

Very impressed that i used a sentence with 'whom' in it, my mum would be so proud. Thought of another one, Alan hansen.

Frieda Tue 28-Jan-03 22:25:20

Sorry, who’s Quinten Willson, breeze. I have a hugely embarrassing one from my early years – Tim Brooke-Taylor (from the Goodies) (sorry, showing my age again!). I even got him to send me a signed photo, which I've still got somewhere. Can't see it now, of course, but at least he seems like quite a nice, avuncular sort of person. Unlike Tony Blair, I might add Come forward that person – I'd love to know who you are!!

WideWebWitch Tue 28-Jan-03 22:25:55

I like Jeremy Paxman too Who's Quinten Willson?

ks Tue 28-Jan-03 22:27:25

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Tue 28-Jan-03 22:30:45

Frieda, hands up it was me...but I did say I don't fancy him now due to warmongering. It was more when Cherie was pregnant last time, kind of oooh, power and virility. Deeply sad, I know! ks, maybe liking Paxman isn't sad but what do I know?! (see above!)

Frieda Tue 28-Jan-03 22:35:53

www – don't worry, I can understand! All those white teeth and purposeful stares. And he was to be taken a lot more seriously before he got into all those matching-purple-overshirt-and-trousers type ensembles.
And Yes, yes, yes to Jeremy Paxman!! So urbane and intelligent.
Louis Theroux, anyone?

Eowyn Tue 28-Jan-03 22:39:42

Yes to Paxman & Theroux. How about Neil Kinnock tho...I used to like his eyelids.

soyabean Tue 28-Jan-03 22:41:58

Frieda I had forgotten about Tim Brooke Taylor...But I used to like him too. What about Derek from Bay City Rollers? (cos he wasnt good looking like the others so I was in with a better chance haha)Def. not J Paxman or T Blair, but Louis Theroux is sweet (Perhaps maternal instincts more than anything else)

soothepoo Tue 28-Jan-03 22:47:06

OK, what about John Sergeant? Very witty, wicked twinkle in his eye and a great laugh - that does it for me!

miggy Tue 28-Jan-03 22:47:40

Captain Kirk from Startrek-as was 30 yrs ago of course.
Just found out today that someone I have just employed at work, has a serious crush on Nigel Havers- to the point of seeing him in one play 12 times, knowing everything there is to know about him, wearing sexy underwear yesterday when she was going to an after-play party he was going to be at (via a friend of a friend) and seriously thinking she has a chance of snapping him up (shes 49). I'm really worried now shes a latent psychopath! (esp. Nigel Havers- william shatner I could understand!)

willow2 Tue 28-Jan-03 23:54:06

Tony Soprano - there, I said it.

I must have something seriously wrong with me.

clucks Tue 28-Jan-03 23:56:57

Yul Brynner, also from about 30 yrs ago. Apparently, a distant relative of my mothers, oh dear.

Also, captain Kirk, pre-toupee.

Tinker Wed 29-Jan-03 00:09:05

Aargh, I used to fancy Derek for Bay City Rollers as well cos he wasn't so obvious. But then look what he did!!!!!

And yes, to Yul Brynner! But I don't think that's weird, he was stunningly sexy.

Used to fancy Chekov from Star Trek, Sticks from Double Deckers and sort of thought Jay Osmond had something.

SnoobyKat Wed 29-Jan-03 05:28:31

Patrick Stewart from Star Trek TNG. (Oh the voice!) James Mason. (Oh. Wish I had a copy of the Flying Dutchman) Robert Powell (Wish I had a copy of The 39 Steps) Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw (Saw every episode of the the Pros) ... I'd better stop there. I'm off for a coffee, choccie and episode of Pride and Prejudice before DS wakes up!

(Oh Oh. Cut the choccie - I HATE NYRs!!!)

breeze Wed 29-Jan-03 06:51:42

William shatner was that tj hooker, the guy who killed his wife in real life, years ago i used to like nigel haver to, and also used to like peter davidson. Quinten Willson, is the guy who does some of the car programmes, that advert when you get insurance stay claim free for 4 years, you get your first year back.(slap-head jobby), i also think jeremy clarkson is not bad.

breeze Wed 29-Jan-03 06:53:15

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i actually mean't jeremy paxman, not jeremy clarkson, it was talking about those car shows (why i know so much about it, when i do not even watch the things), i actually think this guy is a lairy, smug, pratt. Definately will read before posting.

bossykate Wed 29-Jan-03 08:29:12

willow, tony has charm inspite of everything which imo is one of the ambiguities contributing to the high quality of the program - you end up liking him and cheering him on even though he is a murderous, criminal adulterer...

don't feel too bad - i think someone said here once that their fantasy was dr romano from er! that wasn't you too was it?

no offence to whoever it was btw - each to their own!

Mines Wed 29-Jan-03 09:10:06

Ummmm...John Malkovich, anyone?

Or am I just wierd?

Bumblelion Wed 29-Jan-03 09:46:33

I quite like David Brent (from the office) in a normal sort-of way.

Marina Wed 29-Jan-03 09:55:31

Sobernow's lyrical account of the perfect Saturday on another thread has just reminded me what a cutie I think Bill Bailey is. Musical, funny, modest and unique. Never Mind the Buzzcocks has improved SO much since he took over from Sean Hughes.
I also love Paxo - describing poor old Jeremy Vine as Mini-Me was cruel and inspired.
And let's hear it for gorgeous geek Jarvis of Sheffield's fine musical gifts to the nation.

lalaa Wed 29-Jan-03 10:27:24

michael palin anyone?????

i had a friend at college who fancied ian beale - yeuchhhhhh!

Bobbins Wed 29-Jan-03 11:05:29

Jeff Goldblum and Richard Ashcroft, both of whom I find very ugly/beautiful.

Popparoo Wed 29-Jan-03 12:26:36

Tony Soprano - me too. Also John Snow...(much wierder)

Rhiannon Wed 29-Jan-03 12:27:45

Monty Don and Alan Davies, maybe it's the curls.

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