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Moving Abroad - how sell our car?

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OuiOui Tue 28-Jan-03 13:22:38

Does anyone have any good experiences of selling their car? We are in North London and we have a 5 year old Peugeot 306 D Turbo - it's in great condition and a great runner but we don't know the best way to sell it. Garages will only take it as part exchange and we're told that loads of people want diesel car now but where are they? All advice geratly apprciated. We need to sell it befroe we go at the end of March.

Ems Tue 28-Jan-03 13:54:56 or the magazine itself gives advice on selling and buying. Or try your local paper, local shop notice board, put a for sale sign in the window of the car, put it in as many places as possible, good luck!

titchy Tue 28-Jan-03 13:56:34

We sold ours through Autotrader magazine last year. Cost I think £50 for three weeks issues, but if you sell it on the first issue you get phone them and get £25 back. They come round a photograph your car too so pretty reaonable I thought.

Lucy123 Tue 28-Jan-03 13:57:59

OuiOui - you shouldn't have too much trouble - it's buying a car that causes problems!

first go to parkers website to check how much your car is actually worth. If you want to be sure of selling it, go for 5 - 10% lower than the price they give, or add 10% and be prepared to take offers. Then put an ad in the paper (if you cut the price remember to put "no offers" in the ad). Or obviously you could try the big car ads magazine (Auto mart? can't remember the name. It's online though).

easy peasy!

PS be a little bit careful of anyone who asks for a lower price based on this and that fault - some car dealers can be quite persuasive. Obviously if an ordinary person finds faults after an AA inspection perhaps you need to rethink though.

GillW Tue 28-Jan-03 14:42:26

Sold mine last week through Autotrader. Cost £28 for 2 weeks on the website (not all needed as it turned out), plus one insertion in the mag, with a photo. Priced it a bit below book value (and a little less than other similar ones judged from checking on the site what was already for sale) - but still over £1000 more than I'd been offered part exchange - and got quite a lot of response.

SofiaAmes Tue 28-Jan-03 21:27:04

I've had mixed luck with autotrader. Sold one car and got no calls at all in 2 weeks on another car. I've also found that Loot was pretty good too. Especially now that they do online listings. And it's free to advertise with them. You just have to call back every other day to renew the listing.

ks Tue 28-Jan-03 21:27:51

Message withdrawn

OuiOui Wed 29-Jan-03 09:09:09

Sorry Ks,it's a manual
thanks to all, I was thinking of using autotrader and will probably do Loot as well.
any other experiences - glad to hear them all.

bunny2 Wed 29-Jan-03 13:42:45

We sold ours through Exchnge and MArt, think they put it on their website too. Got loads of enquiries and sold for a good price.

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