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How can I get the smell of sick out of a mattress?

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kikidee Mon 07-Feb-05 22:16:56

My ds was very sick in his cot on Friday night. I wiped the mattress thoroughly but it still stinks of sick. It's a standard Mamas and Papas cot bed mattress. Does anyone have any handy hints to make it smell nice again?

misdee Mon 07-Feb-05 22:18:59

bicarb sprinkled on it, leave for a while, then hoover off.

mummytummy Mon 07-Feb-05 22:22:43

this tells you how to get sick smells out of carpet - presumably works on anything else.

goreousgirl Mon 07-Feb-05 22:29:51

Wow - my hero - the baby barfed earlier, and I've been rubbing it with every chemical in the house - will try the baking soda thing - can't make it worse! Thanks

mummytummy Mon 07-Feb-05 22:38:47

Presumably baking soda is bicarb of soda, not baking powder!!

hatsoff Mon 07-Feb-05 22:43:02

they're the same thing

nm Mon 07-Feb-05 22:44:16

does it work for wee as well - we have had a couple of accidents since starting school - at the moment just spray dettol on to it.

mummytummy Mon 07-Feb-05 22:49:10

nm - I think it probably would.

hatsoff - I thought baking powder contained bicarb as an ingredient, whereas bicarb was purely bicarb (if you get what I mean - I'm not sure I do!!!)

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