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Problems with Tumble dryer 6 weeks old, what is my rights?

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breeze Mon 07-Feb-05 18:05:07

I purchased a tumble dryer end of December last year.

2 Days ago it packed up, just won't work, and its not the reset button at the back or anything.

I contact Currys today who put me on to the manufacturer, and they said that they can not come out until Wednesday of next week. I told them as this was unacceptable as I need the tumble dryer as have a young family and cant get clothes dry on line with the weather etc etc and 9 days is too long to wait. I even spoke to Currys again who said that they will try and the best they could do was put me in for a cancellation, which I think wont happen as peoples tumbles dont suddenly work.

To make matters worse I have a friend coming to stay on Wednesday for a few days with her 2 girls and bedding and everything needs to be washed and dried. I do not have a local launderette and the nearest one is about half a mile away. It is such a pain in the **.

I was sold I cant have a replacement because its more than 28 days old, but can I charge the manufacterer the cost of a taxi and dryer fees at the local launderette?

Any help advice would be appreciated as I know usually someone on mumsnet can help.

LIZS Mon 07-Feb-05 18:42:43

Think you can demand a replacement under your consumer rights as the product sis not satisfactory (don't think they can just determine such a short time scale for this, it sounds very arbitrary) and you don't have to settle for a repair - if you accept a repair now it is more difficult to argue for repalcement if that is still not satisfactory. Also you should deal with Currys not direct to the manufacturer -they cannot legally just pass the buck as your your contract was with them. Have a look here and if you bought on credit card or credit then you may have additional rights. You could speak to CAB or Trading Standards to clarify your rights but in the first instance go back to the Curry's manager and threaten to complain to head office if he is uncooperative.

Good luck

btw am not a lawyer, but used to work in retail

LIZS Mon 07-Feb-05 18:52:01

Hmm,just relooked at that site and they may have an argument if the cost of replacement is significantly more than the repair but still have to act within a reasonable period of time. (Scroll down to "3) Repair or Replacement" )Perhaps phone the CAB/TS first to check which argument is best to use.

breeze Mon 07-Feb-05 19:16:59

Thanks lizs, very helpful

littlemissbossy Mon 07-Feb-05 19:21:07

Do you have a reasonably local launderette that do a collection and delivery service? and charge the whole lot back to them? it would save you having to trek down there
Sorry, don't supposed that's a great deal of help but as long as they repair it or replace it if it can't be repaired, there's unfortunately not a lot else you can do

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