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Looking for venue for Sister's hen night

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Manfwood Mon 27-Jan-03 16:50:41

I'm looking for a great venue for my sister's forthcoming hen night - can you help? We are situated in Berkshire and looking for venues in Surrey/Middx/West London area (Richmond, Windsor etc).

We are all 30-somethings (some with babies) and looking for somewhere nice to eat with a good atmosphere and music played later so we can have a boogie. Most definitely not a traditional night club (too old for that!) Any thoughts?

Dont want the traditional hen night kind of thing - there will be no 'L-plates' or wedding veils or anything of that sort as my sister would hate that kind of thing!

Your help would be appreciated

Thanks a lot

titchy Tue 28-Jan-03 09:24:14

What about hiring a boat to take you all down the Thames? Should be fairly reasonably priced if there's 30 of you, and something that the babies can come too as well, although I think I'd prefer a child-free zone to let my hair down a bit!

Manfwood Wed 29-Jan-03 09:06:17

Thanks for your suggestion - there are about 10 of us and we are all over 30 (not 30 of us!) and i am talking about an evening venue so definitely no babies allowed!

Thanks a lot - any other ideas??


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