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what to get my horrid SIL for her 30th

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Hausfrau Mon 07-Feb-05 10:29:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nailpolish Mon 07-Feb-05 10:30:23

get her some wrinkle cream

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Feb-05 10:31:21

Buy her some chickens from the Oxfam site . They look good, well certainly to the people who get them, you can't take them back and are easily postable

woodpops Mon 07-Feb-05 10:31:42

Facial hair bleach LOL

Hausfrau Mon 07-Feb-05 10:32:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Evesmama Mon 07-Feb-05 10:33:32

one of those picture frames that you can record a message into. put a lovely pic of you children in it and record them saying 'happy 30th birthday aunty xxx'seeing as though she's miles away, she should 'love' it[why doesnt she if not???
and also get her a 'funny' card about being old and wrinkly...just a joke

Hausfrau Mon 07-Feb-05 10:33:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau Mon 07-Feb-05 10:34:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vict17 Mon 07-Feb-05 10:35:06

definitely a family photo then

nailpolish Mon 07-Feb-05 10:35:54

you can sponsor an animal at london zoo or something

Beansmum Mon 07-Feb-05 10:36:10

it his sister. make him choose something.

or give money to charity for her, she can't complain about that.

nailpolish Mon 07-Feb-05 10:36:38

what about a years cinema pass toher local cinema? you could get that online. does hse like films

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Feb-05 10:36:48

Rose scented drawer liners IMO!!!!

More seriously, what about some jewellery from a local shop or something, so she'll have no idea how much it was?

Tinker Mon 07-Feb-05 10:36:53

Urgh, she sounds like my sister in law - always asks for the receipt as soon as receives anything.

Get her a mirror

Joolstoo Mon 07-Feb-05 10:37:38

what about a weekend at a charm school?

nailpolish Mon 07-Feb-05 10:38:16

i agree, let dh sort it out. its his sister after all.

crunchie Mon 07-Feb-05 10:40:01

Throw it back at your dh. It is his sister and so HE can take the blame. Personally I would get nothing, or make a charity donation in her name. Call her and say that you couldn't think of anything she might need as you as so untrendy in comparison, so you thought she wouldn't mind if you made a charity donation in her name. How can she get cross without it sounding really rude and churlish

Hausfrau Mon 07-Feb-05 10:42:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crunchie Mon 07-Feb-05 10:43:47

Well stuff her then don't get anything Personally I wouldn't waste my money and if DH can't be bothered as he is at work, why should you?

vict17 Mon 07-Feb-05 10:44:29

what about organising some flowers to be delivered on her birthday?

crunchie Mon 07-Feb-05 10:45:11

Although I know Amazon has an Austrailian site so you could send books. WHat about You are What you Eat, or a benefits of plastic surgery!!

I know she has no sense of humour, but it would make you laugh

colditzmum Mon 07-Feb-05 10:45:44

Ha! I got rose scented drawer liners from my MIL one year AND I was really pleased, AND I used them!

Send her 34 yards of knicker elastic, everyone needs knicker elastic, don't they?

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Feb-05 10:46:57

cm - LOL, but most people wouldn't be too happy!! Will have to wait and see if wwb sees this thread and see what she suggests, as she has a personal gifts advisor on hand

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Feb-05 10:50:05

get this and DARE her to say she'd rather you hadn't!

Tinker Mon 07-Feb-05 10:55:45

If she hasn't got a sense of humour that surely it must be even more fun to send her something to wind her up?

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