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lucy5 Sun 06-Feb-05 23:24:04

can anyone suggest a site with free downloads that wont infect my computer. Thanks.

sparklymieow Sun 06-Feb-05 23:26:11

its illegal to do that now, and most download companies charge for you to do it now, its normally about 70p a download

lucy5 Sun 06-Feb-05 23:35:31

Thanks I heard something about music sharing but not reallu au fait with this.

Snugs Sun 06-Feb-05 23:38:17

Thats how the free sites tend to work lucy5 - people allow you access to music files on their computers. Classed as pirating and so illegal - also most of the sites are loaded with pop-up ads, spyware etc and quite often other nasty viruses as well. Not worth it, stay legal. Napster is legal and currently doing a free 7-day trial.

charliecat Sun 06-Feb-05 23:38:24 googled this for you!

lucy5 Sun 06-Feb-05 23:41:09

Thanks all, am absolutely paranoid about viruses, once bitten twice shy so to speak.

StuartC Mon 07-Feb-05 00:17:51

Try allofmp3 - it's brilliant.
You open an account with (say) 10USD then choose your tracks which are about 10UScents each.
The selection is very large (but not everything is there).
Your purchases can be spread over weeks/months - when you run out of credit you just pay another 10USD.
Best of all - nobody has declared it illegal. It's a Russian site (English language available) and all customers pay Russian prices for the track downloads. The company has copyright licenses to sell the music.
No pirates, no viruses, excellent quality - try this and you won't go anywhere else.
Don't be put off by the cheapness - it's superb.

lucy5 Mon 07-Feb-05 00:21:29

Thanks stuart sounds like just what im looking for.

StuartC Mon 07-Feb-05 00:25:17

Add to previous message - - you can view the catalogue without registering.
The system takes a bit of getting used to.
You can choose single tracks, but when you view "My Downloads" prior to finally accepting them, they will appear as album titles (not track titles) - so you will think it's going to give you the whole album. If you've only chosen a single track, that's all you'll get.

StuartC Mon 07-Feb-05 07:52:18

allofmp3 - also note that the best way to download is to have them email you when each track is ready (can be seconds or several minutes) - right click - then something like "Save target as..." - you then choose where to save the tracks to (i.e. which folder on your hard drive).
There was a small problem - if you ordered, say, 20 tracks you may get 23 emails as some were duplicated. Only download each track once or you'll pay for that track twice (and lose 10UScents - wow). That was some time ago - they may have fixed the problem now.

lucy5 Mon 07-Feb-05 08:04:49

Thanks , will have a go tonight after work.

StuartC Thu 10-Feb-05 11:56:33

lucy5 - how did it go?

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