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anyone else a superbowl widow tonight ?

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NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 06-Feb-05 19:12:51

dh has gone over to single childless bachelor friend's house tonight to eat curry, drink buckets of lager & watch the superbowl final. it's a bit of an annual tradition so it'll be a late night for him. god knows what time he'll stumble in, so it's just me and the kids tonight.

anyone else ?! i can't believe dh is the only one....

Lonelymum Sun 06-Feb-05 19:14:58

Not superbowl but dh has spent the entire weekend watching rugby which is why I have spent the entire weekend on Mumsnet!

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 06-Feb-05 19:19:30

lol. thankfully dh is fairly relaxed when it comes to sport. he thinks he's a jinx, cos whenever he watches it the teams he's backing invariably lose bless him

irishbird Sun 06-Feb-05 19:32:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JJ Sun 06-Feb-05 19:36:46

I would be but my husband is in NY, so is watching it with friends there. I'm so obscenely jealous... but then I'd like to watch it with someone, too. It's no fun on my own.

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 06-Feb-05 19:40:20

glad to see i'm not alone is your dh on business in NY, jj ?

lapsedgymjunkie Sun 06-Feb-05 19:45:20

You are not the only one .... we have been together 16 years this August, living together/married 15 years and it is only in the last 3.5, that I have not been required to make a big bowl of popcorn and bugger of to bed, like a good girl

Did I say I stopped at 3.5 ?? Funnily enough DS is 3.5 years of age

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