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Anyone live close to an IKEA and could do us a favour????

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Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 22:06:52

Hiya all, we set off to IKEA today (was COMPLETELY unimpressed - but that's a different story) and hoped to pick up a catalogue when we were there.......unfortunately they didn't have any left (apparently) and said we should come back tomorrow (ha bloody ha - we live near Northampton and drove down to London to visit!).

We don't actually want to buy anything from there (as I said we didn't like it) but DH is in the final stages of setting up a furniture retail business and is trying to get some catalogues/brochures of furniture places together as a reference of what else is out there.

OK - now I've stopped waffling - basically what I want to ask is

"Would anyone be able to get an IKEA catalogue, send it to us and we'll send a cheque to cover the cost?"


SPARKLER1 Sat 05-Feb-05 22:07:50

Sorry Gwenick. Don't live near one - so can't help you there. Don't they have a website that you could request one on?

misdee Sat 05-Feb-05 22:08:31

think you can buy one on the website.

Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 22:10:54

Yes - you can - but it says to allow 2 weeks - and the whole reason for going this weekend was as we need it sooner than that as DH has more business meetings the week of the 14th.

jampots Sat 05-Feb-05 22:13:45

i went on wednesday and picked up a catalogue - i can post it if you like

misdee Sat 05-Feb-05 22:14:44

i cant part with my dogged eared copy atm.

Joolstoo Sat 05-Feb-05 22:15:48

jampots! LA and Ikea tch!

Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 22:16:38

oh jampots if you could that would really great - we'd refund you the cost straight away. Such a pain driving all the way there and them not having a single copy in

jampots Sat 05-Feb-05 22:31:29

Jools - i just took my friend - OK

jampots Sat 05-Feb-05 22:32:08

Gwenick - either they're free or im a kleptomaniac

Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 22:57:50

yes Jampots I know they're free - but it'll cost money to send it to me - so we'd send you a 'refund' of that money (don't know how much they 'do' cost but IKEA charges £2 AND takes 2 weeks about it!).

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