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calling JanH!!!!!!!!!!

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boudicca Sat 05-Feb-05 15:59:04

Hello JanH, saw your message on the 'rhino' thread re Thomas the Tank. Have you got one ? ( where else could I type such a sentance but on MN )

JanH Sat 05-Feb-05 16:47:36

Hi, boudicca - I have THREE!!! (My MIL used to be a fanatical knitter when the kids were small ):

One has Fat Controller rear view plus front half of engine (photo has James but it could be any colour of course) - plain back;

one is blue, with a big sun on one shoulder, a train signal and the front of an engine (Percy this time) smiling with steam coming out of his funnel, and on the back a moon and some stars with Percy asleep;

the third is Bill and Ben - a yellow jumper with black and red bits, faces on front and back, and the words Bill on one sleeve and Ben on the other.

Size range is 20-26, except for the first which is 20-28.

CAT me and I'll post them to you.

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