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ebay experts, advice please?

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JanH Sat 05-Feb-05 11:22:37

I won a T-shirt for DS2 this week - "BNWT, age 13-14". It came this morning, and it does have a tag, and the label does say 13-14, but the label is wrong - it's 9-10 at the most, probably 7-8. (A washed Gap age 12 one is 6" wider under the arms.)

What can I do? Anything? Or just put it down to experience? (It was £5.20 inc £1.50 postage.)

Failing that, anybody here want to buy a nice new navy blue Lonsdale T-shirt, logo in green?

fuzzywuzzy Sat 05-Feb-05 11:30:45

email the seller and tell them nicely. I've found that usually works (only happened once to me though), does the seller you bought from have a high feedback?

SecondhandRose Sat 05-Feb-05 12:31:10

Like fuzzywuzzy says they won't want bad feedback left. Email them and give them a chance to sort it out first. Ask for a refund as the shirt is not age 13-14. Do not expect her to refund your postage though, perhaps you could mention that and it will show you're being reasonable.

I bought a brand new skirt last week and it had a hole in the netting. I emailed the lady and she refunded £5 to me so I left good feedback.

Aero Sat 05-Feb-05 12:54:25

If all else fails Jan, I'll have a look at it (if you can do a pic) and ask ds if he'd like it - he wears size 7-8. Would you accept £4.50incl postage if he likes it? might save you some hassle

JanH Sat 05-Feb-05 13:25:08

Oh, Aero, you are nice, thank you!

This is it - (and it says it's black, not navy. It's not a very black black though) but, wyb, DS2 has insisted on squeezing into it anyway and is wearing it right now (He is a tall-but-skinny 11, but still!)

However I am quite sure that once it's been washed it will be useless for him, but it's not BNWT any more - how about £3 including p&p, if your DS likes it?

fw and SHR, thanks for advice - whether Aero's DS likes it or not I think I will email the seller and tell her, but obviously can't then return it - will just suggest she checks that label sizes are correct in future!

On the topic of feedback, is normal ebay etiquette that the seller gives you feedback for prompt payment and then you give it to them when the thing arrives? Only I've had a few lately where they haven't given any, so then I haven't bothered either.

SoupDragon Sat 05-Feb-05 13:33:07

I never leave feedback for a buyer until they have told me they've received the item and are happy with it or left me feedback. I want to be sure they're happy and to sort out any problems before I leave feedback.

JanH Sat 05-Feb-05 13:42:30

Thanks, soupy - when I first started using ebay the people I bought from gave me feedback as soon as the payment went through so I thought that was normal.

SoupDragon Sat 05-Feb-05 13:52:19

I started doing that but after reading the forum, decided it was safer to find out that they were happy first. I explain this in the slip I send with my items though but still people don't tell me that things have arrived.

Aero Sat 05-Feb-05 22:52:31

Sorry Jan - have been out all day so only got back to this now - will ask ds what he thinks tomorrow, though am not sure if it'll be his thing now I've seen the pic, but will definitly ask him and let you know - the price will be great if he wants it.

Aero Sun 06-Feb-05 11:40:57

Well, to my surprise, he said he liked it Jan, so if it's really no good to you and your ds can bear to be parted from it, then we'll have it. Don't worry if he desperately wants to keep it though, that's fine too.

JanH Mon 07-Feb-05 22:09:49

Haven't washed it yet, Aero - I will get back to you. (Bet you can't wait!)

JanH Tue 15-Feb-05 22:35:34

Hi, Aero - if you're around - T-shirt is too small after washing! If your DS would still like it please CAT me with your postal address and I will send it to you

Aero Sun 27-Feb-05 13:29:15

And,just so I've definitely replied, the Aero-boy says yes!

Aero Tue 22-Mar-05 10:32:26

The Aero boy will love it - arrived today and he'll see it after school - on his birthday too - great timing! Cheers Jan - see what yu mean re the size tag though! Cheque on it's way to you!

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