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Anyone want to guess where I am going?

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Kimi Tue 15-Jul-08 21:23:41

I have a birthday coming up (37) and DP has told me to meet him after work at Heathrow on Friday night with my passport shock. Will be gone the weekend so not too far I guess.

Kids are with DH1, pack a few clother (hot and cold) and don't worry about bringing money!!!!

But that is all I know.
Guess away

Fimbo Tue 15-Jul-08 21:26:46



SorenLorensen Tue 15-Jul-08 21:28:07

Heathrow - the passport is a red herring, he wants you to spend the weekend plane spotting.

youareamazing Tue 15-Jul-08 21:28:43

Message withdrawn

cheesesarnie Tue 15-Jul-08 21:29:01

i think paris

Kimi Tue 15-Jul-08 21:29:08


Kimi Tue 15-Jul-08 21:30:22

I was getting excited but plane spotting and holiday inn are all I can think of now shock Don't think he has a death wish grin

harpomarx Tue 15-Jul-08 21:33:38

don't listen to soren, it is this!

BettySpaghetti Tue 15-Jul-08 21:35:34


(if it is, I want to know all about it afterwards as I fancy a long weekend there smile)

Kimi Tue 15-Jul-08 21:37:31

I will post on Monday and let you all know grin

Kimi Tue 15-Jul-08 21:57:40

DP has read this over my shoulder and is all smug that I still don't know where we are goinghmm

harpomarx Tue 15-Jul-08 22:00:21

surely he can give you a few clothing hints.... if he says 'binoculars', run!

Kimi Tue 15-Jul-08 22:12:01


I will need an evening dress is all I have been told

Kimi Mon 21-Jul-08 08:12:54


I got taken to Venice, and it is beautiful (but expensive 161 euros for lunchshock).

We had a wonderful weekend, I am very lucky.

Kimi Mon 21-Jul-08 11:03:45

Down to earth again, washing, ironing, makes beds hmm

turquoise Mon 21-Jul-08 11:06:42

How lovely, you lucky thing! envy

Glad it wasn't planespotting!

Kimi Mon 21-Jul-08 20:58:27

It really was lovely.
People were very friendly, and we saw some beautiful fireworks that went on for an hour, so there I was stood in St. Marks square watching these amazing fireworks and thinking wow.

Must admit 17.50 euros for a beer and a coke was a bit steep.
There was such amazing glass and the masks were fab, but the sign posts left a lot to be desired, we got so so lost.

DP was not a fan of the 30 degree heat (he is gingerwith fair skin) he brought a hat and I spent all weekend saying "the man from del monte, he say yes" grin

So glad it was not train/plane spotting grin

MmeBovary Mon 21-Jul-08 21:25:57

How lovely! Can't guess though - hot and cold clothing? Copenhagen, Prague - somewhere not known for being roasting hot anyway? I'm so {envy}! Last year I did a surprise trip to Paris for DH (50) but this year I am ahem 21 again and I had to organise my own special trip cos he is feckin useless....

MmeBovary Mon 21-Jul-08 21:26:54

Sorry - didn#t read all the post! Fantastic though!

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