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New Yorkers... do you have space or somewhere a lovely french man and his girlfriend can stay...

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MarsLady Mon 14-Jul-08 22:07:39

in January 2009 for six to seven months?

He's a lovely young man (24) and his girlfriend (24) and they will be doing work experience. They can pay for their accomodation though funds are limited.

J has spent the last few months with us here in England. He's been the ideal guest. In fact his age means that he's out a lot but very quiet coming in. He works hard and this is all part of some business course that they do in France (don't ask... I tended to glaze over as he explained the course).

They are responsible for finding their own work placements and accomodation. They are planning on doing this, their final placement, together as they've spent lots of time apart for the past couple of years.

I can't say enough to recommend him as a guest, lodger etc.

If you can help please email me on: lovelymarslady at aol dot com. grin


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