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lets talk summer clohtes

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lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 13:27:16


emmatmg Fri 04-Feb-05 13:28:40

started buying kids holiday stuff at the weekend actually.

even though none of then actually need anything!

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 13:29:21



vict17 Fri 04-Feb-05 13:29:37

well I went into town this morning to buy some clothes (any, I needed cheering up) and everything looked crappy so I feel a bit disheartened!!

Beetroot Fri 04-Feb-05 13:30:54

Message withdrawn

vict17 Fri 04-Feb-05 13:32:17

I think I need a personal shopper!

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 13:32:50

no there are no clohtes int he shop
I had a few khaki skirts and stuff last year that I liked
think green is for me this year

nailpolish Fri 04-Feb-05 13:34:09

its all gipsy stuff - i was in town this morning

beansontoast Fri 04-Feb-05 13:34:10

want dresses...throw em on..walk out the room.

Beetroot Fri 04-Feb-05 13:36:47

Message withdrawn

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 13:37:26

yes i want dresses too was I bf last summer?
no, but didnt have any

beansontoast Fri 04-Feb-05 13:38:55

there is a big risk of looking seriously frumpy and not even faintly stevie nicks sexy with all that floaty garb

Cristina7 Fri 04-Feb-05 13:39:56

The Times had an article about the Sloane look being back in fashion. With a twist, as is usual in such cases, but still, oh dear!

Marie Claire talks about the gypsy/ethnic/floral look and jackets with half-mast sleeves or very short jackets. Hmmm at the jackets.

beansontoast Fri 04-Feb-05 13:40:37

you didnt miss much last summer...everyone was wearing the same 50s re-gurge

Cristina7 Fri 04-Feb-05 13:41:09

Beansontoast - you've got it in a nutshell! I'll be using that description!

emmatmg Fri 04-Feb-05 13:44:09

God, I just can't be fudged to shop for me. takes to long in changing room with 1,2 or 3 small children harrassing me. And if I buy it to try on at home I then have to take them all back to the shops to return it.

I used to be dedicated shopper now the thought fills me with dread, much to Dh's delight.

All my clothes are bought twice yearly in the next sales, ordered over the phone(with my specila VIP treatment) or get chucked into the trolley with the weekly food shopping.

God...that's somthing I could only ever admit to on the internet, isn't it? hope none of you know me in real life

Beetroot Fri 04-Feb-05 13:44:23

Message withdrawn

beansontoast Fri 04-Feb-05 13:45:43

Cristina thanks for your post on the speciakl needs thread..i couldnt bear to 'activate'it again to thank you properly...far too embarrased.

nailpolish Fri 04-Feb-05 13:46:18

oh god i buy my clothes with the weekly shop too

i got a poncho for xmas - are they dead and buried in a fashion sense now???

noddyholder Fri 04-Feb-05 13:46:49

all those floaty things look mumsy if you are not stick thin

Beetroot Fri 04-Feb-05 13:46:52

Message withdrawn

beansontoast Fri 04-Feb-05 13:47:48

yummy wedge heeled sandals in bright colours and dresses..or cropped trews.thts the dream for me.

nailpolish Fri 04-Feb-05 13:48:35

they do look mumsy you are so right. you intend to look kate moss in a gipsy skirt and big belt but in fact you look like a tent

beansontoast Fri 04-Feb-05 13:50:29

was anyone else really surprised by the poncho phenomenon..they appeared to land over night on everyone..myself included.

noddyholder Fri 04-Feb-05 13:51:40

straight cut kaftans with low slung belt could look ok but big frills and flounces NO!!!!!!!I dread the summer as I'm not as thin as I was and have big boobs so smocky things always make me look pregnant

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