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What would you use asan excuse?

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fatso Fri 04-Feb-05 10:20:39

I've changed my name in case my friend sees this.

We are invited for lunch on Sunday,friend invited us a couple of days ago. We don't want to go so what cab we use as an excuse? We don't want to go because there will be drink and I don't want to drinkplus I don't want to eat a big lunch but don't want to talk about my diet, it makes me feel very awkward to talk aboutit. The friend is skinny and bulimic I think so very strange about food. She will definitely notice if I don't eat much or don't drink. I would usually be honest but I really don't want to discuss being on a diet. Dh doesn't want to go as he wants a day at home lazing about with us. What coukld we say? Thank you.

nasa Fri 04-Feb-05 10:22:09

you're busy doing something else!

nnosam Fri 04-Feb-05 10:24:10

bad time of day as thats when dd/ds sleeps and if miss sleep with be VERY BIG pain.

Carla Fri 04-Feb-05 10:26:39

Call earlyish Sunday and say dd/ds has been sick all night and no better this morning?

Carla Fri 04-Feb-05 10:27:56

Ooophs, sorry, thought you'd already said yes. In that case, nasa and nnosam's sound fine.

emmatmg Fri 04-Feb-05 10:28:53've changed your name in case your friend see this.........but what if she see's the excuse you get too..........

batters Fri 04-Feb-05 22:41:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helsi Fri 04-Feb-05 22:44:39

I agree emmatmg I think I would be sus too.

Branster Fri 04-Feb-05 22:44:49

Just tell her you can't stand her lunches/parties and just can't be bothered to be entertained at her house. Also, advise her she needs to actually eat the bloody food because you're stuffed already! That should do it!

Branster Fri 04-Feb-05 22:46:24

if you've already commited to the invitation, you'll have to give her a last minute excuse now. I would imagine she's going food shopping tomorrow so there's not much you can do about it. You'll just ahve to say one of you is really ill (hangover, cold, temperature, stomach cramp etc).

Branster Fri 04-Feb-05 22:47:01

or say DH has already organized for you to visit somwehre else and forgot to tell you in time

WestCountryLass Fri 04-Feb-05 22:58:19

I'm sorry, I hadn't checked with DH but he has already made arrangments for us to go to lunch at (family members).

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